"i cant sleep"

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you lie awake in your bed, with a passed out sleeping karissa next to you. as she sleeps, you toss and turn, unable to think of the reason why your awake. you glance at the clock, that so brightly reads 2:52 am.

"morgan? are you awake?" karissa whispers

you freeze. shit. i must have woken her up. "yeah, i'm up."

"what's the matter honey?" she asks, in a soft tone.

"i can't sleep. i didn't mean to wake you up."

"no no it's okay. have you tried counting sheep?"

"karissa honey, im not 5."

"i know you aren't! i'm just saying, it works."

you look at her, before kissing her on the lips.

"we should go on an adventure."

"angel, it's-"

"hey that's my thing!!" you say, interrupting her. "sorry, go ahead."

"as i was saying, it's 3 in the morning, i don't think anywhere would be open."

"walmart is open i think. or we could go to jerry's market down the street."

"i'm too tired to do anythingg."

"well be untired because your needy girlfriend can't sleep and is extremely bored."

"fine. your driving."

"ughh. why me?"

"because i'll fall asleep behind the wheel."

"come on sleepyhead." you say, getting up

"mmmm i'm falling asleep slowly."

"get upp."


"please? i'll get on my knees?"

"there's no need to-"

you sit on your knees, and beg her to get up.

"please? karissa please? can you get up for me? pleaseeee? i'll do anything if you just get up for me."

"okay okay fine."

you smirk, before getting up.

"your such a good girl begging for me, hm?"

"stop that." you say, putting on karissa sweater and a pair of leggings.

"hey that's mine!"

"mine now."

"what's mine is yours."

"just get dressed already."

"okay okay i'm going."

you both get dressed, and karissa claims she is gonna wear her bunny slippers.

"no, you aren't wearing slippers! put some proper shoes on!"

"make me." you give her a side eye (hahah) "fine."

"wear these."

"okay mom." you stare at her blankly "mommy?"

"hey hey don't expose me like that" you say, quickly scanning the room with your eyes

"hahaha. i'll do it again."

"fine. wear those, but they will get all dirty, and i'm not buying you another pair."

"fine. you win."

she puts the shoes on, and gets up and hugs you.

"let's go."

"mmmm i'm so tired"

"i'll get you monster when we go to the store? okay?"


you start the car, and drive off into the main road, heading to the convenient store down the street.

as it starts to rain, you park the car in the lot.

"we are here!"


"your such a debby downer."

"i'm sorry angel i'm just really tired."

"it's okay. come on." you say, dragging her by her hand.

you enter the store, and browse the drinks. you pick up a peach monster (best kind fr !!) for yourself, and a white monster for karissa. she follows you around the store, until she reaches a specific isle.

"babe?" she says, holding a vibrator up in the air.

"i mean-shit. if you want to buy it- go ahead."

"just kidding."

"your such a tease."

you pay for the drinks, and leave the store.

"i'll drive." she says

"you sure?"


"good because i'm exhausted."

"sleep my love. i'll carry you in if you fall asleep so don't worry about that."

"how did i get so lucky? your the best."

"i love you angel."

"i love you more." you say, drifting off to sleep, curled up in the passenger seat with the soft noise of karissa humming in the backround.

as you knew it, life was good. life was perfect with karissa by your side.

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