teacher pt. 3

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a/n: here's another teacher part for u whores xoxo
as you walked into your wife's classroom, you noticed that she wasn't behind the desk, or anywhere in the classroom. you wondered where she was, because she told you that she'd be there.

a tall woman walks in, and says that she'd be your substitute. you took your seat, in the back corner. and texted karissa.

"where the fuck are you? there's some bum ass sub and i'm not about to do shit."

she replies within 5 minutes. "you have to. i got pulled into an emergency meeting."


"you better do it morgan."


"i can, and i will mrs morgan."

"oh fuck. don't say that."

"exactly. do your fucking work or i'll have to ruin the fuck outta you tn."

"oh shit. do it you won't."

"i will. either that or i'll make sure you won't pass the term. then you'll have to redo the semester. with me during summer. and you know how much i don't like missing my summer vacation, don't you, slut?"

"yeah, um, yeah. sorry."

"get off your phone and do your work. i love you, and i'll see you after. maybe you can skip next period?"

"you just fucking told me to get my work done, and now your asking me to SKIP CLASS?!"

"yeah i wanna slut you out over the desk."



"i'll see. i love you bye bye 💕💋"

you put your phone down, as your best friend miley, comes in late.

"sorry i'm- oh! sorry i'm late miss." miley says, noticing the sub. she looks up at you, and you motion for her to come here. she makes her way to the desk, and sits down next to you.

"where is she?" miley asks, getting her laptop out.

"in a fucking meeting. now we have this bum ass sub. and she said that if i don't do my work she'll fail me and-uh, some other consequences..but we don't gotta talk about that."

"oh! girl gon get herself sum!"


20 minutes into class, karissa texts you. "i'm out. i'll be there in 5. you better be doing that paper."

"uhhhh...yeah! yeah i'm doing it! i'm on question 5."

"morgan. don't lie to me. i know miley is just giving you answers."

"stop how the fuck you know that."

"bcs i'm js too good."

there's a knock at the door, and karissa opens the door. she walks to the sub, and tells her she can leave. the tall woman gathers her things, and leaves.

karissa glances at you as you make your way to karissa's desk. "i uh-i need your help with this question."

"yo hop off her dick!" jonathan yells.

"bro i swear to god if you don't shut the fuck up i'll beat your ass right here." you say, turning around.

he was quiet.

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