ballroom pt. 2

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a/n: PART 2 LOVES tw:(slurs, excessive swearing, mentions of sh)

your father, who you pay absolutely no attention to, still sits on the front step, not saying a word.

"they have no fucking respect for you. it pisses me off so much."

"morgan baby..let me drive. what did he say?"

"he went on some bullshit that jonathan has changed and he's different now-but the asshole doesn't remember the time he sexually assaulted me."

after you say this, karissas whole mood changes. "what the fuck did you just say?"

"yeah-he uh sa'd me because i wouldn't sleep with him like 10 years ago. right before i met you actually."

"i'll fucking kill him."

before you met karissa, she used to box for fun, but stopped when she met you. her whole world changed when she met you. her saving grace.

"i can still box ya know. throw a few punches and that bitch won't be able to see for a fucking month."

"baby calm down-it's okay. ive got it under control. you being overprotective like this, it's  it's uh- attractive."

"oh yeah? well no one's gonna do this to you. not my morgan." she says, getting out of the car. "come on angel. i'm right here. i'll be right there. don't worry, i'll be okay."

"and if you get hurt i'll kiss your boo-boos away."

karissa smiles, "yeah baby. kiss my booboos away!"

"do you want me to stay outside?"

"you don't have to if you don't want, but i just don't want you to be scared."

"scared? come on, who do you think i am?"

"well no,  i'm just saying, it might get a little- rough. the asshole won't see what's coming."

it was a good thing karissa kept her nails trimmed and short, because when she walked back in the ballroom, she punched jonathan square in the face. he quickly recovered, and shoved karissa into a table. you watched from the side of the room, opposite of most of the guests who were horrified.

"what? is that all you got?" she says, staring him down.

"who the fuck are you?" jonathan calls out. he then looks over and notices you, on the side of the room. "oh morgan..i'm so sorry you have to see me like this. i'm sorry baby."

"don't fucking talk to her. don't even look at her. you don't deserve to see her body."

"ohhh i see what this is. this faggot loves the other faggot." jonathan says, walking closer to karissa, and suddenly punching her in the stomach. you run to her side as she's down on her knees crouched over wondering if she's gonna throw up or not.

"holy fuck holy fuck. are you okay? karissa say something!"

"i'm alright. i think. don't let him near you. i don't want him touching you. im okay. morgan im alright." she says, slowly getting up.

"what? is that all you got?" jonathan calls out, mimicking karissa.

"your such an asshole. you fucking come here, acting all grand and well. it's time to get off your fucking high horse jonathan. go on, tell the whole world what you did that night! i'm sure everyone would love to hear how you sexually assaulted me because i wouldn't have sex with you! that's why you broke up with me, and that's why your here today! your trying to put yourself back into my life! well guess what. that isn't gonna happen. you need to grow some fucking balls." you yell.

"well you wouldn't know, but i have grown some balls. maybe you can come over later and find out, for old times sake?"

"are you hearing yourself right now? you sound fucking mental." you yell back through tears.

by now, everyone left the room.

"do you still cut yourself? ya know, like you used to?"

your breathing suddenly got heavy. it felt like there was an elephant on your chest. your palms got sweaty. your whole body felt paralyzed. fuck. fuck. fuck. don't cry. don't cry. don't cry. tears poured out of your eyes like a river. you slid down the wall, sitting on the floor. you couldn't stop crying. get away get away get away.

karissa walks up to him, and gives him a black eye and a bloody mouth. "your such a cunt."

"oh come on! we are just having fun!" he says, coughing up blood. he walks over to you, bends down and whispers in your ear. "next time you do it, you better do it right or i'll do it for you." he walks out of the club, not saying another word. you couldn't breathe. you just stopped crying, but that was over.

bruises covered karissas arms, neck and face. her hands were raw and red. she ran over to you, and held you in her arms.

"your okay. your alright. breathe. breathe with me." you followed karissas breaths, coming down from your panic attack.

"what happened? what did he say to you? no, it doesn't matter. what ever he said, it doesn't matter."

"he said that i-that i should cut myself but do it right, or he'll do it for me."

"oh morgan. baby i'm so so sorry."

"let's go home. please? i'll drive." you say, wiping the tears away from your face.

"yes baby. let's go home. it hurts me so much to see you like this." she says, extending her arm out for you to grab.

"eh, i'll be okay. thank god for you. honestly."

"i've gotta protect my wife. no one gets to fuck with her but me."

"wife? i'm your wife? i'm your wife!"

"you are. will you marry me?"

a/n: CLIFFHANGER YALL!!! pt.3?!??

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