the tour. (ft. lana del rey)

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karissa and her band, were on tour. she was the lead guitarist and singer, her friend jason was on drums, and her other friend olivia was on base. you sat in the empty tour bus, on your phone. karissa was at rehearsal, her first gig tonight. the door to the bus opened, and karissa ran inside.

"fuck baby!! i am so fucking hype right now."

you giggle, "really why?"

she lays down next to you. "we just finished the whole fucking set list, and i hit a blinker. so i'm high as fuck right now, but that's besides the point. you're gonna come to the show tonight, right?"

"i wouldn't miss it for the world." you say, beaming with pride.

karissa laughs, "okay, okay great. and you'll be backstage. my little vip access girl."

you smile. "you know it. what's the set list?"

"it's a surprise."

"i missed you!!"

"i told you to come to rehearsal!"

"well no, because then the surprise would've been ruined!"

"yeah that's true."

"i fucking cut my finger on the guitar strings. that shit hurts."

"how baby? lemme take a look at it."

"from playing too hard." karissa says, giving you her hand.

"it's bleeding." you say, getting up.

"noooo my pillow!"

"i'm grabbing a first aid kit." you say, taking it out of an overhead cabinet.


you come back, and clean karissa's finger with an alcohol pad.

"it's gonna sting baby. you gotta be careful!"

"i was! fuck-"

"watch your mouth! you're swearing a lot baby!"

"fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit."

you sigh, as karissa laughs. "sorry." karissa says, smiling.

you wrap the bandaid around karissa's pointed finger, and kiss it. "all better baby."

"thank you."

karissa falls asleep in your arms, and wakes up 2 hours later.

"shit-how long was i out?"

"a couple hours."

"you sleep good?"

"yes ma'am."

karissa's phone rings on the counter. "i'll get it." she says, climbing over you.

she answers the phone. "hello? yes-yes-okay shes here? okay perfect see you soon."

"who was that?"

"your surprise."

"my surprise?!"

"yes baby. and you'll get to see your surprise later tonight."

"why not now?!"

"your surprise isn't here yet."

you sigh, "fine."

"be patient, my love."

3 hours later

it was 8 pm, and karissa was about to go on. you were backstage, waiting by the curtains to hug your wife. people were swarmed around her, making sure her earpiece was working.

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