the crash.

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it was 11:30 am, and you and karissa were driving to hunters house, about an hour away.

"karissa! give me my phone! it could be the hospital!" you say, reaching in the backseat, unbuckled.

"they would page you, right?"


"no buts!"

"oh come on!!"

"it's hunter's birthday! you can take a breather from the hospital for one day." karissa says, looking at you.

"okay, fine." you say, kissing her. "sorry."

all the sudden, the car slams into the truck ahead, although karissa slammed on the break. you fly forward, and land on the hood of the car. you hear the airbag go off, and soon after hear karissa screaming for help, as someone gets out of the truck ahead, they call the ambulance. you can't breathe, and suddenly everything blacks out.

as the paramedics load morgan into the ambulance, karissa climbs in behind them. a sobbing karissa watched as they started cpr on her wife, who stopped breathing. she feels her mind go in and out of consciousness, until a paramedic stiches up the head lacerations on her head. when they reach the hospital, morgan's coworkers were gathered outside the er bay, preparing to take her into a trauma room.

as everyone climbs out of the ambulance, meredith takes karissa inside.

"you're her wife, correct?" meredith asks.

"y-yes. is she going to be okay?" karissa asks, shakily.

"we will know more once we consult her, which we are doing now."

"okay dr. grey, thank you."

"please, call me meredith. you're all set to go, the waiting room is that way, if you want to wait. i'll come get you when we are done with the consult."

"thank you, meredith."

"you're welcome, karissa."

meredith's pager goes off, and she runs into the trama room morgan was in.

"page shepherd!! i need a neuro consult! now!!" a doctor yells.

as karissa gets up, she walks to the nurses station, then to the waiting room, away from the unknown chaos.

meanwhile, morgan crashes, and the doctors try to revive her, for a second time. they intubate, so she can breathe with a machine. they rush her into an o.r, to do emergency surgery. with all the doctors on edge, and meredith and derek operating on morgan's brain, and bailey, richard, and owen controlling different bleeders.

"everyone out. everyone who isn't operating, get out. it's way too crowded in here. and someone go grab karissa!! she's probably worried sick." richard says, loudly.

"i will." lexie says, scrubbing out.

lexie runs out into the waiting room, and sees karissa sitting in a chair.

"karissa?" she says, walking towards her.

"y-yes?" she says, standing up.

"morgan is in emergency surgery. id like you to invite you to come watch us, above, in the gallery."

"yes-yeah. that'd be good."

"okay, if you'd just follow me."


lexie leads karissa into the gallery, above the operating room. through the microphone, owen speaks to karissa.

"karissa? i'm dr. owen hunt, head of trauma. i'd like to walk you through what is happening, because i'm sure you are very confused, aren't i correct?"

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