teacher pt. 2

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it was monday. karissa just left, and you were upstairs getting ready. you were braiding your hair, and doing your makeup. when you left, you locked the door and drove to school. you walked into your wife's class, to say hi.

"hi pretty girl." she says, smiling.

"hi beautiful."

"i brought you coffee."

"thank you! i was gonna stop, but i didn't wanna be late."

"well i'm glad you didn't," she hands you the coffee. "hot coffee with 2 pumps of caramel, and cold foam at the top. it's hot, because you only drink hot coffee in the winter and judging by the weather, it's winter. hot coffee season."

the bell rings. "fuck. i'll see you in class, okay?"

"okay baby. be safe, i love you."

"i love you too." you say, kissing her on the cheek.

you walk out of class, and head to your first period.

"hey morgan!" tyler, your friend says. "i've gotta ask you something."

"okay, yeah what's up?"

"i uh-got this picture emailed to me last night, and i was wondering if this was you, with that new teacher?"

he pulls a photo out of his backpack, and slides it in front of you. it wasn't you, but it looked a hell of a lot like karissa, with another woman on her lap.

you stare at the photo, without saying anything. "i-uh, no, that's-that's not me."

"oh, alright."

you continue with class, then you storm into karissa's room.

"tell me this isn't fucking you. karissa i swear to god. don't fucking lie to me. where were you last night?!"  you yell.

"i-i was here! i was here, then i was home! i didn't go antwhere! that-that's not me." she says, shaking. "i promise, that isn't me. i-i wouldn't do that." she cries, small tears forming in her eyes.

"why are you all scared then?! is there something you aren't telling me?"

"no! that isn't me!"

"bullshit! why. why the fuck would you do this?" you sob, placing your ring on her desk.

"i didn't do anything! why did you take your ring off? what are you saying?!"

"i'm saying that you fucking cheated! we got married 2 fucking months ago! am i not enough for you? what more do i need to give you so that you'll love me. me. not anyone else."

"i-i love you! you! no one else!"

"then look me in the eye and tell me you didn't cheat. then i'll believe you."

she locks her eyes on yours. "i didn't cheat on you. i love you morgan, and only you. always."

you continue crying, and pull her into a hug. "i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm so so so sorry." when you pull away, tears soak the top of her shirt.

"it's okay my love."

"are you mad? oh god, you're mad."

"i'm not mad, morgan. can you skip?"

"yeah i'll skip. i'll actually do your work today. i promise."

karissa reaches on her desk for your ring, and holds it in front of your face.

"say your vows. then i'll forgive you."

"karissa i-"

"do it."

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