groupie love.

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a/n: based off "groupie love" by lana rey! enjoy my loves!
she was playing guitar in the front of the bar. lights lit up her face, and other band members. when her eyes looked up and met yours, it was like nothing you'd ever seen before.

you sat on a simple bar stool, drinking an "organic" gin tonic. such bullshit.

the woman played slow notes, and swayed as she played. she looked like she knew what she was doing. her voice, almost intoxicating.

"we're gonna take a short break." she says, as the song ends.

you turn your attention back to your drink, and the pile of unopened peanuts before you. the bar was filled, and loud. that was normal on a friday night, you would know. the bartender asking "the regular?" when you would walk in. after too many drinks, he'd call you a cab, and take your keys so you don't drive home drunk.

you crack a peanut, as you feel someone sit next to you. you look up, and it was the same woman with the beautiful voice.

"y-you can uh, really sing. you're like good." you say, stuttering.

she laughs, "thank you darling. that means a lot." she turns in her seat, and looks at the bartender. "jerry, just a water, please."

jerry. that was his name. fuck.

as much of a regular you were, you could never remember the man's name.

"and let's get this lovely lady another drink, shall we?"

"oh-you really don't-"

"nonsense." the woman says, handing you another glass.

"thank you.."


"thank you, karissa."

"you're welcome..."

"oh-uh morgan. i'm morgan."

"you're welcome, morgan. you got a story?"

"nope, i'm just a girl in a bar." (IM CRYING real ones know)

karissa smiles. "well then, i'm just a guitarist in a bar."

"isn't that odd, we're similar. so, where do you live?"

she laughs, "wow, you already trying to get into bed with me?"

"no-i swear i didn't mean-"

"honey calm down-" karissa says, placing a hand on your shoulder. "shit. i've gotta go back up and play. any requests?"

"childish gambino! me and your mama!" you yell, as the woman walks away and waves you off.

when karissa goes back up on stage, she tunes her guitar, and looks over the notes for a moment. she stands back up, and looks at you. "this next one, goes out to a girl in a bar. here's, me and your mama, childish gambino."

karissa starts the song, and you swear you fall in love. she did the riff perfectly, and that's saying something seeing how she only looked over the notes for about 5 minutes.

she looks at you as she sings. "telling you, let me in, to your heart."

you watch as her fingers glide over the neck of a stratocaster, which has her initials written in black marker on the bottom. you were in love, and you didn't even know her. you wanted to know her, to crawl inside her mind and absorb everything that was karissa.

when the song ended, you stood up, and clapped for her band.

"thank you, thank you." karissa smiles, blowing a kiss to you. 

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