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karissa was sick. she was coughing and blowing her nose just as much as she was vomiting. she lay in the middle of your bed, with pillows propped behind her head. you felt awful for her, but you tried your best to make her feel better. she held your teddy bear close, because she insisted it smelt like you.
"do you need anything honey? some more blankets? tea maybe?"
"some tea sounds good." she says, between coughs.
"got it. i'll be back in a jif." you say, running downstairs into the kitchen. you grab a teabag, and microwave some water for 2 minutes. it takes a while to steep, so you clean the kitchen in the meantime. upstairs, you can hear the noise of karissa getting sick again. you hated when she was alone, especially when she was sick. you grabbed the hot tea, and prepared it the way she liked it. you walked back upstairs, tea in hand, and placed it on the nightstand beside
"mmm thank you my love." she says
"your welcome baby. wanna watch a show or something?"
"that sounds good."
you lay down, kissing her temples. you made sure she was okay until she fell asleep. when she was sound asleep, you got up, and got dressed. you wanted to get get a few things at the store. you wanted to write her a letter, so she knew where you went if you weren't back before she wasn't awake.
"i've gone to the store to pick up something for you. feel better my love. -xoxo
a while later, she woke up, and saw the note. she immediately text you, and felt a lot better.
"hi honey, i'm awake" she writes
"aw im glad to hear that, how are you feeling?"
"okay honestly, i miss you."
"i'll be home soon mamas. i love you." (pet names hehe😻. call me mamas and i'll die for you)
"i love you too. see you soon."
"bye honey."
the line disconnects, and you continue shopping. you wanted to get karissa a few things, like a "feel better" basket. you knew that would cheer her up. as you walked down the isles of target you put a few things into your cart. a soft pink blanket, some chocolates, matching pjs, face masks, fuzzy socks, tissues, a candle, one of her favorite books, and some candy. you picked up some easter basket filling, and organized it in your car before heading home. you stopped in appleblossoms, the local flower shop. you bought her some tulips, her favorite flower. everything in the basket was either pink or white, her favorite colors. when you came upstairs with the basket, her face lit up.
"baby what's this?" she asked
"just a little something for you."
"aww. thank you!"
you hand her the basket, and she opens the card that you wrote her. it was a simple "feel better" card and you signed your name "xoxo, morgan"
"aww. thank you baby."
as she takes out the rest of gifts. she stops and thanks you for each one.
"that blanket should be really warm" you say, sitting on the bed
"you should come cuddle me under it."
"we'll see" you say, before smirking and crawling up on the bed. you lay next to her, unraveling the blanket.
"ooh shit it is" she says, before kissing your cheek and laying in your arms.
"comfortable yet?"
"matter of fact, yes. you make a good pillow babe."
"how are you feeling?" you say, smiling and looking down at her.
"better now."
"i'm glad."
you turn on the tv, and watch harry potter. shortly after, karissa falls asleep in your arms. you jump awake by the sound of a loud boom and rain. oh thank god, it's just stormy. fuck i should go to the grocery store. she'll want something i'm sure. you get up slowly, making sure not to wake her up. that fails, and she slowly opens her eyes.
"shh mama go back to sleep"
"mmm where are you going?"
"i was gonna go pick up a few things at big y, do you want anything?"
"some tea and cinnamon rolls for the morning would be amazing" she says, half asleep.
"okay baby" you reply, kissing her forehead as she hugs you.
"hurry back, i'm gonna miss you."
you walk out of the room, downstairs, and close the front door behind you. rain patters off the roof down onto the porch, making your jacket soaked. you run to your car, and start it. when it warms up, you drive to big-y in the next town over. it was 2:30 am, and the store was a ghost town. you grab a cart, and walk through the isles. you grab a couple boxes of karissas tea, and her cinnamon rolls. also, you get some creamer and coffee, just some essentials. when your done shopping, you head to the one register that's open. the worker bags your items, and you pay, walking out with your groceries into the pouring rain. when you get home, you put away your groceries and head back upstairs. karissa is awake, eating strawberry ice cream and watching tiktok in her phone.
"shit your awake baby?" you say, taking your shoes off as you climb back into bed.
"yeah, i was waiting for you to come home. you can't leave me like that and not expect me to just fall back asleep without your touch."
"aww poor baby girl."
she looks at you and frowns, as you hold her again.

the next morning when you wake up, you brew karissa's tea and bring her a cinnamon roll in bed. she loves it.
"ahh thank you babygirl"
"your welcome my sweet."

a/n: ending was kinda rushed bc i want to get something out to you guys buttt i have like other chapters i'm trying to write! anywayyyy love you so muchhh ❤️

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