sunset date

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you were gonna get married. karissa was going to be your wife. yours forever. you loved that feeling. it was spontaneous, because you had ruined the proposal. you felt horrible, but karissa assured you it was okay.

"and your sure you aren't mad?" you asked her, teary eyed

"angel, i'm not mad at you. stop asking and come over here." she says, laying under the covers of your bed.

"but i just feel so bad." you say, looking at the ring from afar.

"well don't. it isn't a big deal."

"but it is. you only get proposed to once."

"that's not true. just come to bed pleaseee."

"fine fine fine. do you think it will break? you know, the ring?"

"no way you just asked that."

"it's a serious question!"

"be so for real right now."

"answer the damn question karissa."

"no. morgan. your ring will not break." she says, rolling her eyes.

"thank god. because i really didn't want to sleep like i'm in a coffin."

"you wouldn't have-oh my god. i can't do this."

you laugh, and shut off the light.

"goodnight my love." you say, cuddling into her.

"goodnight darling. sleep well."

next morning, you woke up early to make breakfast. you eventually got up successfully, without waking your fiancé up. she wakes up about 2 hours later, and comes down stairs with frizzy messy hair. as she comes in the kitchen, she stretches.

"good morning." she says, yawning

"good morning bab-" you say, laughing "good morning sleepyhead. did you sleep good?"

"yeah i guess."

"you look it."

"what's for breakfast?"

"homemade croissants and eggs."

"wait did you say homemade croissants? no way you MADE croissants."

"oh really?" you say, taking the pan out of the oven.

karissa is in disbelief. "holy shit. my future wife is a fucking chef." she says, reaching for one off the hot pan.

"no. not yet."


"just go sit and wait."

"come on, you know i can't do that. let me help you."
"no. go sit down." she adds, mocking you

"mock me one more time and see what happens. go sit. i'm be for real karissa. i'm crowded."

"okay okay fine. can i at least have a hug?"

"i guess so." you say, hugging her. "i love you." "or just don't say it back."

you look up, and karissa is eating one of your croissants. she looks down at you, and freezes.

"hiii baby." she says, mouth full with buttery sweet flavors.

"out. now. and give me that." you say, grabbing the pastry from her hands.

she sticks her tongue out, as she walks into the living room.

"i'll help from here." she yells

"yeah right."

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