48 hours.

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you needed to work a 48 hour shift at grey and sloan hospital. you were an anesthesiologist intern, and had to work for 2 days straight. you wouldn't see your gorgeous girlfriend for 2 days.

you awoke to a blaring alarm clock at 4:30. it was early. too early.

"baby?" karissa asked, groggy


"is it time?"

"it is."

"5 more minutes pleaseeee? i'll just keep asking."

"i cant angel."

"please. please. please. please."

"fine. but only 5."

she climbed on top of you, and laid on your chest. you kissed her head and played with her hair until she fell asleep.

"sweetheart. karissa baby." you whispered, rubbing her back

"hm? i'm up i'm up."

"it's time now."

"aww damn. and i fell asleep. i'm sorry."

"don't be angel. i woke up an hour early so we can have cuddle time."

"i love you. no wait now you have to go. what am i gonna do?"

"you'll be okay."

"no what am i gonna do?"

"think of me."

"always and forever." she smiles.

her smile. that's what you needed right now. that was your motivation to get through 2 days without sleep, and without karissa.

"i've gotta get up love."

"i knoww."

"so you need to get up for me to get up silly."

"your trapped. i'm topping you."

"oh yeah, right."

"i am. don't give me that sass."

"i'll just push you off me."

"that's bull. try it. i dare you."

you sit up, and push karissa off your chest.

"what were you saying?"

"that i love you and i'm gonna miss you so much." super fastly, she says "and i want to eat you out.."

"what was that last part?"


"well fine.. i was gonna let you but now..i've gotta go."

"no. please. morgan please."

"and your topping me? seems like bottom energy to me."

"fuck off."

"stay mad."

"can i at least ride with you?" she asks

"no love. i've gotta leave like now. i'll see you soon okay?"

"fine. i love you. be safe. text me when you can please." she says, hugging you, then kissing you.

"i will. text me if you need anything at all."

"i will lovely."

a/n: need me a gf like karissa bro

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