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"what do you mean she didn't get off the plane?!" you ask, yelling into the phone.

"morgan. she didn't get off the plane. she didn't even board the plane!" hunter says.

"so she's still over there-in iraq?! w-what about the other soldiers?!"

"they said no ones seen her for a couple days."


"mor-morgan listen to me. i don't know. i don't know anything."

"listen. we have to look for her. are they at least looking for her?!"

"honey i don't know."

"can y-can we at least go look for her??"

"it's the military morgan. they aren't gonna let two people like us just go to iraq and look high and low."

"but she's my wife! she's your sister! and-and what about your dad-can't he pull a few strings?!"

"he's going over there as we speak. all i know is that she's missing, and she was most likely drugged and kidnapped."

"okay," you sigh, hoping you wouldn't start crying. "can u-can you come over?"

"yeah, i'll be there soon. about 15 minutes. see you soon."

"see ya." you say, disconnecting the line. you take two shaky breaths in, letting the tears finally fall from your eyes. the cries ring out louder, and you can't help but wish for your wife, to come home so you can be held.

you gather yourself for a moment, and look at the pictures on the wall. you remember those days, encapsulated in a moment of pure happiness with the woman you love.

"come home, karissa. please." you say, whispering.

you keep yourself busy, by refolding the almost perfect blankets on the couch. "there." you say, being satisfied with the way things looked.

you head into the kitchen, and open a bottle of red wine. you pour a glass, and sit at the kitchen table. you decide to call karissa's phone, with the small hope that she might answer.

"you've reached karissa bardsley, and i can't come to the phone right now, leave me a message and i'll get back to you. bye!!"

tears roll down your face, after hearing your wife's voice for the first time in weeks. "hi my love, i um-i don't know where you are, but if you could please come home. please karissa. i love you. please call me."

you sigh, and put your phone down. hunter knocks at the door, and you run over, letting him in.

"hi honey." he says, walking into the house.

"hi." you say, with subtle emotion.

hunter hugs you, and rubs your back. "i'm sorry morgan. we'll find her. she'll come home."

"what if she doesn't? what if she left because she can't stand me anymore?"

"that's such a stupid question. are we talking about the same person? because the karissa i know would move heaven and earth for you, if she could. she would die for you."

"i know. i'm just- jsut worried. what if-hunter what if she's dead. what-" you take a deep breath. "what if my wife never comes home, because she's dead?"

"morgan. look at me." hunter pulls away, and puts his hands on your shoulders. "she isn't dead. she wouldn't go down without a fight. karissa, she's a fighter. she also known for coming back alive. so, in our case, she's invincible."

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