home for christmas.

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it was october. karissa had dreamed of joining the army, just like her father. she was in basic training in fort sill, oklahoma. she wouldn't be home for 2 and a half months, and you were bored and lonely without her. you remember her hug, and how she held you for a couple minutes longer than she usually would. you remember every small detail.

"that should last a while." she said, smiling.

"i'm gonna miss you kay. i don't know what i'm gonna do." you say, crying.

"i'll be home soon baby. i'll go by fast i promise. don't cry." she says, wiping your tears off your cheeks. "i'll be your muscular hot wife."

you laugh through the tears. "yeah i guess."

she hugs you tightly once more. "wanna drive me to the airport?"

"yes please."

karissa wore camo army pants, boots, and a green t-shirt. her hair was up in a sleek bun, in which stayed still because of the gel in her hair.

"you look hot baby." you say, getting in the car and heading out.

"yeah? you like the military fit?"

"i dooo. when can i talk to you?"

"i think we get our phones for the day every sunday. i'm not sure though but i'll definitely call you."

"i'll just write to you honestly."

"that works too."

"fuck i'm just gonna miss you."

"i know love. im gonna miss you too."

"can you keep your ring on?"

"i hope so. if not i'll just put it on my tags."

"why do you need tags? you aren't gonna die or anything!"

"don't worry love. i'll come home, it's just training. we get 'em for identification."

"thank god. i really hope your home for christmas."

"i will be morgan, my mom said she's gonna come over a lot too."

"i love your mom."

"she loves you more than me i swear!"

"oh that isn't true."

"it is! she talks about you like she's your wife!"

"pfft yeah right!"

"it's true!"

"we are here lovely."

"okay. your gonna come to the gate, yeah?"

"that was my plan lovely."

you pull into the lot and help karissa get her duffel bag out of the trunk.

"i can't believe your leaving me."

"i'll be home before you even know it."

"oh yeah, right." you say sarcastically , walking into the airport. "you better be home for christmas. swear to god."

"i will be angel."


you go through security with karissa and wait for her at the gate. she shortly follows in your footsteps, taking a seat in a chair by the gate. you both waited until they called her number. she fidgeted with the ticket in her hands, staring down at it. as more people gathered, the longer it seemed you waited. you tapped your foot until they called her gate number.

"it's time. oh god, it's time. i can't do this. karissa don't leave. please don't leave." you say, teary eyed, hugging her tightly.

"you'll be okay. i promise you. i'll be home soon, okay?" she says, hugging you back.  "i promise i'll see you soon. i love you my sweet girl." karissa says, whispering in your ear.

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