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karissa was drafted. AGAIN. she swore that she wouldn't go back, but when she was gonna be stationed in hawaii, she couldn't say no.

"MORGAN" karissa texts, as you lay on your bed.



"OKAY" you say, as you get a notification from instagram, that your wife is live.

you join, and karissa is outside. "did my girl join yet?"

"IM HERE KARISSA." you say, in the chat. 100 other people are watching.

"i'll invite you hold on." karissa says, picking up her phone.

you appear on the screen, and can see your wife dancing around. she has her boots on, cargo pants, and a t-shirt.

"HI MY LOVE." karissa says, excited.


"i know. i miss you too."

"not the people who are watching us saying goals and shit. that's so crazy."

"wanna see me do pull ups?"


"okay, ma." karissa says, "i gotta go inside. shhh be quiet."

karissa walks inside, and props her phone up. the beams above her head were low. "alright, you all ready?"


karissa jumps up, and raises her head above the bar. after doing about 10, a man walks in and yells.

"sargent bardsley?! just exactly what do you think you're doing?!"

karissa falls from the beam, spins around, and salutes the man. "sorry sir. it won't happen again."

"suicides. till the sun goes down."

"yes sir."

you try not to laugh at your poor wife who has to do suicides till the sun went down.

"morgan holy fuck. i actually have to do fucking suicides for 4 hours."

the viewers go crazy, saying that they can't make karissa do that.

"do you have to go?"

"no, because i'm not doing it."

"karissa-baby you're gonna get in trouble again."

"don't worry about me, my love."

"i don't want you getting in trouble!"

"i won't."

karissa heads back outside, into the hot, atmosphere.

"fuckin christ, it's hot out here." karissa says, pulling on her shirt. her abs show, making the people in the chat, and you go crazy.

"people are barking karissa. BARKING FOR YOU."

"let 'em bark. i'm yours, you're mine."

"yes ma'am."

you sigh, "baby i miss you."

"i miss you too mi amor."

"can you come home right nowwwww?"

"2 weeks."


"yeah morgan, i told you it'd be a short trip. i'll be home in 14 days."

"that's so short omgosh."

"you wanna facetime instead of live?"

"yeah, i'll call you in a sec."

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