"i never thought id loose her"

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your morning started like every other day, except that your grandmother was in the hospital, and wasn't doing well. she suffered her 2nd stroke in a month, and you were unaware if she was going to make this one out alive. your girlfriend, who never met the amazing woman she is, has remained by your side as she knows how anxious you get about your family.
"try not to worry too much about it honey, i have a feeling she is going to get better."

"i'm not so sure about that. my uncle just text, and said that she can't talk, or move. she's in a coma. i'm so scared. i cant loose her. not now."

"i know honey, this must be so scary for you. i'm so sorry you have to go through this."

"let's just try to make the best of the day."

"okay, yeah. please take my phone, so i dont look at it and worry."

karissa chuckles, "sure honey."

"wanna go have a picnic somewhere? you ask

"do we even have a picnic basket?"

"that's a good question. i'll look downstairs."

i'm gonna go get dressed. i'll be right back"

"okay. i'll bring up a basket if we have one."

you go downstairs, and find an old picnic basket. one that was your mothers.
"honey i found one!" you yell up the stairs


you walk up the stairs with the basket in hand, karissa in a sundress, with brown sunglasses on. she's over the counter, making sandwiches.
"you look gorgeous."

"thank you honey."

"alright, i'm gonna get dressed, i'll be right back"


you change into a blousy floral dress that falls just below your knees. you wear sandals, a pair of black sunglasses, with a tan sun hat.

"woah. you look so pretty babe."

"thank you. i love you."

"i love you more."

"where do you wanna go?" you ask

"i think the local park is good, as long as it's not packed."

"okay we'll go there!"

"perfect! i finished making lunch, so we can go whenever your ready."

you decided to drive, and you pack the basket, and a blanket in the back of the car.

"it's gorgeous out." karissa said

"i know, it is."

you drive for about 15 minutes until you reach a field of dandelions.

"fuck the park. this is perfect." you say

"it is."

you both enjoy the sunny warmth together, until your phone starts ringing.

"baby your phone is ringing."

"who is it?"

"your uncle"

you sigh, before taking the phone from her, standing up and answering it. your stomach immediately drops.

"i- i don't know how to say this- but.."

"just tell me."

"we talked to the doctors, and gram is in serious condition. she has a very slim chance of waking up, and if she does, she won't be able to remember anyone, or anything. she is on life support, and the rest of the family think we should take her off of it. she had a wonderful life. so, i wanted to formally ask you, if you would agree with us."

"o-oh my god. um-yes, i do, i think she had a really good life, but um, yes, i think she should go. are we gonna have a funeral?"

"we plan to."

"okay. please let me know if anything happens."

"sure thing. love ya."

"love you too."

you hang up the phone, and dry your tears as you head back to the blanket. immediately, karissa knows that something is wrong.
"oh no, honey what's wrong."

you exhale, while the tears resume.

"she's going. she's dying."

"oh morgan honey i'm so sorry baby come here."

"yeah.." you say as she pulls you in for a hug and you cry into her shoulder.

"it's okay. i'm here. do you wanna go home? of course you do. come on."

"no, i wanna stay. it's peaceful here."
"are you sure?"


"okay, do you need anything?"

"i want you to hold me. and tell me i'll be okay." you say.

"she would tell me to stop crying right now." you laugh

"i bet she would. please stop crying."

" i just can't imagine a world with her gone."

within hours, you receive a text from your aunt in the family group chat. you are back home, laying with your girlfriend on the couch, something you seem to do a lot.
"alice has crossed the bridge to heaven. may her soul rest easy. we are still figuring out a date for a funeral, so we will keep you all posted. much love ❤️🪶"
as you read the text sent in the group, you exhale and wipe your teary eyes.

"she's gone."

you say, as tears roll down your face as you blink. you get up, and walk over to karissa, who's laying on the couch scrolling through instagram. you lay down on her chest, as she kisses you.

"i feel empty baby. and i don't know what to do with myself."

"do you want to be alone?"

"no. that's the last thing i want. i need you here with me."

"then here i will be. right by your side."

"what would i do without you?"

"you'd be okay."

"no i wouldn't be. i love you too much."

"i love you more. seriously karissa, i mean it."

for now, everything was going to be okay. you were with the one you loved the most, and that's all you needed right now.

a/n: the 1 year anniversary of my grams death recently passed, hope you enjoyed 🫶🏻

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