family dinner.

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your lovely in-laws, kim and sean bardsley's 30 year wedding anniversary dinner was tonight. you loved them dearly, considering how they practically raised you. deciding to make dinner for them, hunter, and of course karissa was an idea you immediately had to do the second you thought of it.

"baby i can't tell you what im making." you say, going over the recipe for fettuccine alfredo in your head, as you look at the recipe card in front of you.

"yes, you can." karissa says, drinking water. "you just choose not to."


"baby please!! tell me what you're making!"

the small index card had the complete recipe for the same dish kim and sean had at their wedding, with a few minor changes. of course it wouldn't be exact, but the dish was simple, and you only hoped kim and sean would love it. you searched the overstuffed box of index cards for a homemade pasta recipe, and found it. you also picked a cheesecake recipe, gathering the ingredients in the cabinets above you.

"no, i won't. and don't you dare even think about looking." you say, turning your head to look at your wife.

you pull the ceramic jar full of flour in front of you and measure 4 cups. when it's level, you make a deep circle on the counter, and pour the 6 egg yolks into the center. folding the flour in, you gently make a homemade dough.

"pasta? mrs bardsley what are you making?"

"get out of my kitchen." you say, turning to karissa.


you turn around, "no?"

"nope. i'm not moving." karissa says, folding her arms and pouting like a child.

"you're a pain in the ass, karissa."

"if you would just tell me what you're making then i'd be more than happy to go away!"

"i'm making pasta."

"no shit. but what dish?"

"creamy tomato and spinach." you lie, but a small white lie wouldn't hurt.

"don't lie." karissa says, eyes thin.

"on my momma."

"bitch you hate your mom. don't even."

you sigh, "do you wanna make dessert?"

"YES!" karissa yells, jumping up from her chair.

"jesus, calm down." you grab an apron from the pantry, and put it over karissa's head. "now, listen to me. you cannot-and i mean CANNOT fuck up the recipe." you say, looking at karissa's eager eyes. "you've only got one shot, so don't fuck up. no pressure babe. just follow the directions and you'll be fine."

"i've got it." karissa says, taking a deep breath. she looks at the card, and gathers the ingredients. "aww cheesecake. my mom's favorite."

"i know, i hope everyone likes everything." you say, kneading the pasta dough.

"baby they will, promise."

you cut the pasta into long, thin, wide strips, being sure they were the same size. when the pasta was formed, and you were sure there was enough, you reached for a glass bowl and gently placed the fragile noodles inside.

karissa finishes the filling, and moves onto the crust.

"woww, look at my little chef go! you're doing so good, my love." you say, looking over at your very focused wife.

you watch her smile, "thank you baby." she grabs her glass of ice water from the counter and sips. "you gotta teach me to cook. the only thing i can do is microwave some mac & cheese or heat up leftovers in the microwave."

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