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karissa was your beautiful wife. it was 2 days after your wedding, and you were opening gifts. you sat in the living room, sipping on a warm cup of coffee, in your pjs.

"this one is from april kepner. from the hospital." karissa says, looking at the tag.

you open it, and read the box. "it's an ice cream maker." (the real ones know)

"what the fuck are we gonna do with an ice cream maker?"

"make ice cream silly!!"

"your funnnnyyy."


"okay this is from hunter." you say, laughing, and passing it to karissa.

"oh good god. i can't wait to see this."

karissa opens the bag, and pulls out a bottle of rum. attached was a note that read, "for your 1 year anniversary, till then DO NOT OPEN, (karissa don't drink it all, save some for us) -xoxo hunter."

"dickhead! that's nice though, thanks hunter." she says, tossing the bag across the room.

you grab another gift, and read the tag. "this one is from your parents. you wanna open it?"

"no babe, you go ahead."

"okay." you open the card, and smile at the signatures. kim even got karissa's dog, kiki, to sign it. "kiki signed it." you hand her the card.

she laughs, and puts it on the table next to her. "it's like christmas!"

"yeah kinda!" you open the gift. "a set of wine glasses, handmade in italy, and a couples spa!"

"ooo!! those will come in handy!"

"they will!"

karissa reaches down, and grabs a card. "i think it's from your parents."

"of fucking course it is." you sigh, "i'll open it, if you want."

"i'm good babe, it's fine." karissa opens the card, and reads it. "holy shit! they gave us a check for 2 grand."

"what?! give me it." you say, extending your arm.

karissa hands you the card, and takes a deep breath.

"those fucking petty assholes! send it back and tell them we don't need their petty money. fuck them. ugh, that just makes we want to go over there and give a bitch a beating."

"that's something i'd say! but baby you can't beat up your own parents."

"i know. it's just-ugh."

"let's move on, okay?"

"we aren't sending them a thank you card. don't write their name on the list."

"this is the last one."

karissa gently tosses you the gift, and it lands in your lap. you take a sip from the coffee cup next to you, letting it's bittersweet flavor remain in your mouth before swallowing.

"who's it from?" karissa asks.

"it's from my grandmother, but how did-what?" you say, confused.

you open the box, and tears form in your eyes. "it's from my grandma, dated february 22, 2007."

"oh baby. are-are you alright?"

"yeah, i'm fine."

in the box, was a folded blanket, knitted by your grandmother. she had passed earlier that year, but she always wanted you to have something or remember her by. your mother wrote you a small note: "morgan and karissa, here's a blanket from gramma made back in '02. enjoy"

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