groupie love pt. 2

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you left karissa's flat hours ago. you missed her, but you were in a middle of a shift. it ended in an hour. she promised to take you out tonight, on a real date.

you bought a short red, velvet dress, and bought short press on nails so you could take them off, if needed. you didn't know how the night was going to go, if you would end up naked in her bed again, or if you would stay up talking this time. whatever ended up happening, you didn't care. you just wanted to be with her.

"morgan, go home. everyone's shift ended early, board meeting." dr. grey says, walking towards you.

"thank you dr. grey. have a good night." you say, nodding her off.

"you too."

you finished a couple post-op check ins, and changed out of your scrubs. you decided to text karissa.

"got off early, want me to head to your place once i'm ready?"

"did you really? yeah that'd be great."

"okay, see you soon."

"okay! i can't wait to see you!"

"💗💗" you say, clicking your phone off.

you drive back to your apartment, and change into the dress. you wore black heels, which made you slightly taller than your actual height.

you were excited, but at the same time, knots were in your stomach. you didn't know if you wanted to smile and laugh, or throw up from the nerves. you took a sip of water from the center console as you drove into the parking garage.

you parked your car under a flickering light, which was definitely not scary.

"fucking creepy shit." you whisper, locking your car, as the beep beep noise goes off.

you walk up that scary stairwell, remembering what karissa told you.

you stood in front of her apartment door. she's on the phone, yelling.

"hunter! i already told you! i can't go out tonight! i have a date with someone."

"no! you don't need to know! god, yes! yes, sh-stop talking about what mom said! i know, hunter you don't need to remind me to be careful. she's such a sweet girl. she wouldn't do anything. i have to get ready, she's gonna be here soon. i've gotta let you go. yeah, bye."

"god! fucking help me." karissa says, clearly aggravated.

you laugh to yourself, and knock at the door.

"oh fuck." you hear karissa whisper. she walks to the door, and opens it.

"hi." you say, standing in the hallway.

"i-wo-you look, so-so beautiful. you're so beautiful." karissa says, smiling.

you laugh, and blush. "thank you."

"i-i'm not dressed, i'm sorry. how long have you been out here? enough to hear that conversation-"

you scrunch your nose, and nod. "yeah."

"that's my stupid brother, hunter. but come in, come in."

karissa's apartment looked the same, from what you could tell that night. the kitchen was empty, no food to be seen, except for a small bowl of fruit on the center island. the familiar kitchen table you ate on, covered in makeup and clothes. candles were lit, adding to the comforting atmosphere. it felt like home.

pictures covered the walls, and any open space on a side table.

"it's really homey in here. i love it."

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