teacher pt. 4

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a/n: based on real life situations (that literally happened to me a last week!!)

you sat in karissa's class, doing a paper with your best friend miley. a girl in your class, lindsey taps you on the back, and you turn around.

"hey girl, i really like that shirt! where'd you get it?"

"oh, thanks. it was a gift, but i think it's from marshall's."

"what size is it? do you think it'll fit me?"

you hesitated, "it's a 2xl."

you watch as lindsey and her friend, mekayla look at each other and laugh. you felt small, like an elephant was sitting on your chest. that was, until miley looks at you, and you stand up.

"i'm sorry, is there a fucking problem with the size of my shirt?"

"yeah, you big bodied heifer. eat a fucking salad." lindsey yells, looking at you.

"shut the fuck up, cunt." you say, shoving lindsey into a desk.

"oh hell no. MS. THOMAS TO THE DEANS OFFICE NOW!" karissa yells, pointing at the door. you try not to cry as your eyes pool with tears.

mekayla laughs, "this pussy ass bitch cryin!"

you swing on mekayla, landing a hard blow into her jaw. she falls to the ground, as you jump over the desk and continue beating her ass. she cries for you to stop, and you don't.

"who's crying now, bitch! fix those horse teeth and those crater pimples and then come talk to me."

karissa pulls you off of mekayla, grabbing you by the shoulders. "stop it. breathe. you alright?" she says, in a demanding, dark tone.

"i'll fucking kill-"

the bell rings, and the students run out of the room as fast as they can.

"morgan, stay back."

the room is empty, and karissa goes to the front of the room, and pulls out a chair in front of her desk.. "sit." she says, angrily.

you sit, staring at the floor as karissa sits in her office chair.

"let me start off by saying that i'm not in any way mad at you. i love you, morgan. but, please- i need you to tell me what happened."

you look up into karissa's honey brown eyes, watching as they stare at your face. "i'm s-sorry, um-" you pause, as you start to cry.

"hey, hey listen. it's just me, you can-you can talk to me."

"i know-but um-it's just i'm so-so mad you know? like i want-i wanna just curl into a ball and just cry-you know?"

karissa makes a small tsk noise with her mouth, "i'm sorry morgan. please tell me what happened, love."

you take a deep breath, before speaking. "lindsey she um-she asked about my shirt, the one you bought me for christmas, and she asked what size it was. when i told her it was a-a uh 2x she-she called me a big bodied heifer, and told me to eat a salad." you say, sobbing.

you look up, to see karissa's jaw clenching. she stares at the floor, and slams her desk. you jump in your seat, as karissa cracks her knuckles.

karissa stands up, and motions for you to do the same. you do, and she wraps her arms around you, kissing your neck. "i'm so in love with you, my girl. i love you, and i'll love you until you love yourself. i'll always, always be here."

you nod, as you sob into karissa's arms.

"let's go home, yeah? i'll make us some hot chocolate when we get home, and we can order out?"

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