bad dream

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you woke up to a loud banging on your door. in a daze, you open it. 3 officers are standing in your doorway.

"ma'am are you morgan bardsley?"


"we are terribly sorry to inform you..." you thought of the worst. "but your wife was found dead in a car accident on the interstate."

you break down. the words shatter you into a million pieces. "no-no this can't be happening."

"we are terribly sorry. thank you for your time."

the officers close the door and leave you in your empty apartment flat. you sit on the kitchen floor sobbing your eyes out.

a few hours later, karissas mom calls you.

"hi sweetheart. how are you doing?"

"really really bad. i miss her so much."

"i know honey. we miss her too. she loved you with her whole heart."

"she loved you guys so much. i can't believe she's gone."

suddenly, you feel someone shaking you. they spoke with a soft voice.

"morgan? sweetheart? morgan wake up!"

you open your eyes to karissa over you. she was wiping the tears from your face.

"baby? what's wrong? talk to me what's the matter?"

"you-you died. it must have been a bad dream. but the cops they-they came to the house and told me you died in a car accident." you say, sobbing.

"shhh baby. i'm here okay? i'm right here morgan. i'm not leaving you ever i promise."

you cry into her arms, as she rubs your back, comforting you.

"go back to sleep. i'll hold you."

"please don't die on me. you die i die"

"i don't plan to. go back to sleep sweetheart." she says, kissing you. 

a/n: another short fluff story for you lovelies!  happy reading!! 💋💋

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