cafe date

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a/n: dedicated to juniper_mae_ for requesting this chapter! (lowkey want coffee now so thanks for that. jkjk :-)

"hey baby?" karissa asks you


"what are you doing this afternoon?"

"well, i have a dentist appointment at 10, but then i'm free for the rest of the day. why do you ask?"

"because i was wondering if you wanted to meet me at the cafe downtown. it could be a little date."

"i would love to. i'll meet you at say 12?"

"sounds perfect. i love you."

"i love you more sweetheart. but i have to get ready, it's already 10 of 9."

you head upstairs after putting the book away you were reading in the living room. you change into blue overalls, and a long sleeve turtleneck with a gold necklace with a k and a heart; karissa's initial. you put your doc martens on, and kiss karissa goodbye. you head out to your car, and head out the driveway. you needed to be there in 45 minutes until you were late. it was about a half hour drive to the office, so you hoped you wouldn't be late. you arrive a half hour later, and check yourself in.

when your appointment is done, it was 11:45. perfect timing. you drove downtown to meet her. carrying your tote bag, you walk into the small cafe, and see her face light up as she locks eyes with yours when you walk through the door. she sat at a small circle table in the corner of the building, with a warm cappuccino. her hair light curls were parted in the middle, and she wore a black cropped long sleeve shirt and a pair of brown corduroy jeans. she looked so pretty.

"hey stranger." you say, approaching her, with a latte in hand.

"hi baby." she replies softly. "how was your appointment?"

"it was good actually. i got good teeth i guess. technically, i'm not supposed to eat or drink for another hour; but fuck the rules."

other people in the cafe turn their heads at you, like you said something offensive.

"oops. i said that a little too loud." you say giggling

karissa laughs, "you think so?"

"your adorable." you say, looking deep into her eyes.

"i know."she replies, laughing.

"wanna go to the bookstore on the corner?" you say, spontaneously.

"yes! i would love to!"

you both exit the coffee shop, and walk down the sidewalk, hand in hand.

"i'm cold baby." you say

"want my coat?"

"no no, i'll be fine. i have a vest on anyway."

"are you cold?"

"yeah but-"

karissa cuts you off before you finish your sentence. "exactly. your taking my coat. end of discussion."

"i-okay." you say. turning away, blushing as you continue walking.

"well you gotta stop so i can put it on you properly." you stop walking, and turn to her taking your vest off. she notices you blushing.

"oh my god! are you blushing?" she says, smiling

"no..." you reply

"yes. you are. omg, how cute." you both continue your walk to the bookstore, entering through the door, as the little bell rings above.

"get whatever you want. i feel like spoiling my baby." karissa says, placing a warm kiss on your cheek.

"are you sure?" you reply, looking up at her.

"i'm positive. i love you my sweet angel." she says, following your footsteps as you roam the shelves, carefully picking books that look interesting.

'oooh! baby look! they have louisa may alcotts whole book collection!' you say, walking fast paced over to the other wall. "oh. my. godddd i need it."

"get it angel. i'll buy it for you."

"no, no i couldn't ask you to do that." it was too late, karissa was already at the front counter, asking the worker how much for the collection. you can't help but overhear the conversation.

"all the books in the collection are priced at $450 ma'am." he says, grinning.

"perfect. i'll take it. you don't mind holding it for us?"

"not at all."

karissa goes to walk back over to you, but is met with your hands crossed.

"what?" she says, smirking

"i'm not letting you pay over $500 for some books. i can get them another time."

"no. you want them, i'll buy them. end of discussion. now, give me the books in your hand, and pick out some more titles you would like."


"your so stubborn morgan. just give me the books."

"fine. at least let me pay half."


"fine. but i won't talk to you for the rest of the night."

"yeah, probably because you'll be reading."

you walk back, and take the collection down with care. you've wanted them since you were little, and now little you be overjoyed and filled with excitement. when you walk up to the counter, the worker is ringing up the other books.

"your total comes to $534.78. will that be cash or card?"


"are you sure you wanna do this?" you say, looking over at her as she's about to swipe the card."

"yes sweetheart im positive." she says, as she swipes her card, making the transaction go through. you exit the store with your tote bag full of books in hand.

"thank you. i appreciate it, i really do, but you didn't have to spend all that..for me."

"you wanted it didn't you?"

"i mean-yeah but.."

"no buts. you wanted it, so i bought it."

when you got home, you cuddled up in bed with karissa, and read her Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, until she fell asleep in your arms. you loved her will all your heart, even though she goes broke because of you. but hey, i guess that was her love language. and she sure as hell loved you.

a/n: hi loves! i apologize for the absence, i've really had no motivation to write. but here is a sort of long chapter, that hopefully makes up for my neglect. love you all! happy reading 💗

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