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i often wonder where i would be right now, if i would be sitting in an empty apartment flat miles away, or if i would be in europe, studying fossils for my boss, who only longs to go home at night and make sweet love to his wife until he has to do it all over again the next day. but alas, i am not. i'm sitting in the back of our room, writing to you, because when you find this letter, i will be gone. not gone because i want to be, gone because i have to be. falling in love with you wasn't hard at all, it was rather easy. i longed for you, even before i knew your name karissa. when you read this, you will be in such disbelief, you will try to make yourself wake up, like the reality you live in is some oddly surreal fantasy. i have left you everything, all my clothes, all my money. do what you wish with it all, keep it, trash it, spend it; i don't really care. i want you to know that i didn't want to do this. i wanted to spend the rest of my days with you, until my last breath. but it wasn't that easy. i had to do this, for us, for you. to keep you safe. i have attached an address for you to follow that will lead you to me. good luck.

and stay away from the men in the black suits. if you come across them, run. you need to run.

i love you. i always will. see you on the other side.

-alyssa forbes (me)

16 berkley avenue.

it wasn't until 6:00 that karissa came home and read the letter. immediately she called you, but soon realized that you left everything. she needed to get moving if she wanted to get to you. she eventually accepted the fact that you didn't want to leave, but you had to. she had spent that night crying, and when she found little notes around your house. like for example, in the kitchen, she would go to use the frying pan, she would find a sticky note that said, "when we used to make pancakes. i love you." she would cry while making pancakes.

one insanely long plane ride later.

when karissa reached santa isabel puerto rico, she didn't know where to go. she thought of calling you, but soon realized you didn't have a phone anymore.

fuck i really need to talk to you. where are you? 

she put the address in her phone, and called an uber while she gathered her things from security.

" berkley avenue please." 

"sure." the uber driver said, as he adjusted his rear view mirror. he wore a black suit. "meeting anyone?" he asked

"just family." karissa replied

"oh that's cool." he said

you continued the ride in silence, until he dropped you off at your location. "have a good time."

"thank you." she replies, tipping the driver with a $5.00 american bill. "i know it's not your currency, but keep it. it might be worth something."

he thanks her, as you shut the door and he drives off. 

okay alyssa. i'm here now. where the fuck are you?

you approach the culdesac, until you freeze.

fuck. he wore a black suit. holy shit. i'm so dumb. fuck. fuck. fuck.

you shake the thoughts out of your head, and continue down the road with your bags. you knock on the house with the 16 painted on the mailbox.

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