i do. (part 2)

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a/n: hiii loves! i really wanted to make a part 2 of the wedding chapter, only because i feel like it was left incomplete.

"we got air everyone!!" you yell, as the guests cheer you both on, as they acknowledge your presence.

"i really hope they can't tell..." karissa whispers.

"oh they totally can." you say. "just..act normal."

"and try to hide from the fact that i just fucked the absolute shit out of you, and you were screaming for me? yeah okay, i'll just ignore that..."

"yeah... our honeymoon is about to go crazy."

"so much sex. the beach, our room, the fuckin-just everywhere. and you already know the aftercare is gonna be 24/7 babe."

"i love your aftercare so much."

"our. our aftercare love."

"i love you, and our aftercare so much."

"i love you, so much. so much in fact im gonna give you a little something."


she pulls out a book, but you recognized it. it was the book she was writing in earlier. it was handmade with card stock and pretty pinks and purples. little bows binded the pages together. in the front cover was a small note. it read, "to my only love in life. cherish and enjoy this book, as a symbol of my love. i love you more than life. xoxo, karissa. her name was signed in large cursive, which you loved.

"thank you angel. i love you so so much. i'm gonna go up and say a little something."

you walked up to the microphone, and tapped it.

"hiii everyone!! thank you all so much for coming to our wedding. i just wanted to come up here and share a little something with all of you." you look at karissa. "my beautiful, angel of a wife, handmade me a book." you hold up the book. "she wrote me a little something, but i wanted to share with all of you, my reaction. i haven't flipped through it, so i have no clue what's in here." you hold the book in your hands, and flip the page. "oh my god. karissa.." it was a picture of you and her, in high school, with a quote of poetry written next to it. your eyes pool with tears. "okay, so this first page, is a picture of us as little high schoolers, with poetry next to it. you all want to hear it?"

"yes!" the crowd says.

"alright alright. in twenty years from now, i don't just want to be another name. in twenty years from now i still want to be in your life. in twenty years from now, i want someone to stop you on the street, and ask how your doing. i want you to bring up my name. i don't want your answer to be 'i haven't seen her in ages.' in twenty years from now i hope you say 'she's waiting for me at home.' in twenty years from now, i want to be yours. karissa-tha-that was beautiful. can uh-can you come up here?"

"of course my love."

she walks up the stage, and kisses you on the lips. her hands wrap around your waist, as she dips you.

she smiles, before speaking into the microphone.

"is everyone having a good time?"

the crowd cheers.

"good good. if everyone could please go sign our guest book, that would be much appreciated!! so usually morgan is the one with the elaborate sad speeches that make me sob, but i think mine is gonna top the charts. butttt i kinda interrupted my gorgeous girl, so i'll let you finish babe."

"thank you angel." you clear your throat, as karissa's arm stays wrapped around your lower waist. she is wearing a few rings on either hand, that you bought her. they of course, add to the sexiness of the evening.

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