work. (x greys anatomy)

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a/n: a lil different chapter bc i'm obsessed w greys (and meredith !! season 7 btww)
"baby i've gotta get up." you whisper, rubbing karissa head as she lays on you.

"not yet. i won't see you for 24 million thousand hours i need to get my sleepy morning cuddles in before you go." she wines.

"but sweetheart i'm gonna be late!"

"the little babies can wait."

"but they can't angel. i've gotta get up. you can stay in bed all day, i can't."

"i know i know."

it was obvious karissa's love language was physical touch. every chance she got she would hold your hand, hug you, and touch you in every way.

"2 more minutes. pleeeeease." she adds, as you get up from under her.

"no baby." you say, bending down kissing her.

"yes baby." she says, imitating you. "bye bye pillows" she says, making a sad face.

"don't imitate me!!"

"don't imitate me!!" she replies, in a high pitched voice.

she laughs as you sigh, "i've gotta go soon love." you change into your scrubs, stretching as you do so. you grab a sweatshirt and sweatpants, to wear as an extra layer. "i might get to scrub in on a lung transplant today!!"

"that's amazing for you sweetheart. i hope you get to do it!"

"me too! now can you please get up? i want a hug before i go."

"but it's so cold out!"

"it isn't that bad. here i'll get you some pjs."

karissa pulls down the covers, and gets up out of bed. "fuckkkk it's so cold."

"it's not that bad!!"

"it is!! pj me."

"okay." you say, tossing her the pjs you found in the bureau.

"damn baby you look fine as fuck in yo scrubs. doctor me up all day, mommy."

"stop it! gonna make me act up at work."

"mm good. now where's my hug?" she says, yawning.

"right here." you say, wrapping your arms around karissa, so she can kiss your head. "i love you."

"i love you more my morgan."

"yes. call me yours. i'm all yours. only yours."

"damn right."

you smile at karissa before heading downstairs, and gather your bag together.

"you have such a pretty smile."

"your prettier." you say, giggling.

it was 5:40, and you wanted to be out of the door by 6. it was winter, and it snowed last night, so the roads were going to be icy. therefore, you needed to take it slow on the road.

"be careful out there please. it looks dangerous."

"i will be. when do you leave?"

"in like an hour. school starts at 8, i'm there at 7:00 so that i have time for prep."

"your so smart. when i get there i have to go to rounds immediately. and i have to cover for alex today."


"i don't know. karev is very private."

"i am too honestly- like at work. you want breakfast?"

"that sounds good! an egg sandwich to go?"

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