the trauma pt.2

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"his room is right here." you say, walking the young woman in his room.

hunter turns to see who it is, and his face turns to a mix of confusion and anger. "bailey, what the fuck are you doing here?"

"jason told me you were in an accident. so i came to see you."

"and just what to you want? why are you here?"

she sighs, "hunter, im pregnant."

"WHAT?!" he yells.

"it's yours."

"we fucked one night! i-goddamn it. my fucking family is in this room. you couldn't say that shit in private? so what-a-are you gonna have it or?"

"yes im gonna have it!"

"we used fucking protection!"

kim and sean stare at you and karissa from across the room. karissa runs in the bathroom and splashes water on her face. you walk in after her and shut the door. karissa was laughing hysterically. "h-hunter got a bitch pregnant! what the fuck is next?! oh that shit has to be a joke." karissa says, opening the door.

"nevermind on getting you laid hunt, i guess you already did."

"oh shut the fuck up!"

"bitch at least im not some hoes baby daddy!"

"excuse me?! fuck you say?" bailey says.

karissa turns and faces bailey. "i said you're a fuckin hoe. scumbag bitch getting knocked up and having a baby? and for what? so you can rely on my brother and my family for money and child support? fuck that. i'll say it again."

bailey takes her earrings out and cracks her knuckles.

"i don't think you wanna do that." hunter says. "she'll fucking kill you if she really wants to."

"oh you wanna fight me huh? punch me. let's see." karissa says, tying her hair into a bun, and moving her fingers in a forward motion. "go on. do it. punch me."

bailey forms a fist and punches karissa in the stomach. karissa fixes her posture, and laughs. "nah because im not waisting my time on some pussy bitch who can't even throw a punch properly. not to mention that you weak at as a twig. built like one too."

karissa looks bailey up and down and scoffs before walking out the door.

"well! that's one plot twist!" you say. "you better stay the fuck away from me and my family." you look at bailey, as she just stands in the middle of the room, not saying anything. your pager goes off, and you run out the door.

"mom, dad, can you give us a minute?" hunter asks.

"yeah honey, of course." kim says, walking out of the room. sean follows, closing the door behind him.

"i didn't mean to start an-"

"listen bailey. it was one night. if you want to have the kid that fine, and if you don't that's fine too. im responsible for this baby, so i'll be there every step of the way, whether you decide to have it, or not. we'll make it work."

"i wanna have it." bailey smiles, "with you. i want you to be in this baby's life. i love you, hunter. i want a life with you."

"okay, then that's what we'll do then." hunter says, smiling. "come lay down." he says, moving over in the bed. she lays down beside hunter, and laughs.

"what's funny?"

"just the way i met your family, i didn't expect it to go that way."

"yeah, im sorry about sister is like crazy about family values and shit. she's even more protective over her wife. the doctor, morgan, she's my sister in law, karissa's wife. but don't you go saying anything, because morgan is like seriously my other sister."

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