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wallow; to mope around after someone breaks up with you and eat tons of junk food absorbing your emotions.

karissa had cheated. claimed she was bored. you lost her, and your best friend in the whole world, the one she was having an affair with.

currently, you were putting together a box of all her things and burying them in the bottom of your closet. you didn't want to see anything she looked at or commented on. you took the sheets off your bed, the ones you comforted her in all those times.

knocking at your door was in fact, karissa, hoping you let her in. she waited patiently at the door, with some box in her hands. you run down the stairs, to only see out of the corner of your eye that it was her. you pretended that you didn't see her, and walked around the living room, until you sat down and watched tv, which was all visible from the door.

"let me in." she texted you.
"go away." you replied.
"no. i want to make things right."
"fuck you."
"i deserve that. just let me in."

"oh my fucking god. she doesn't give up does she." you thought to yourself

you pause your show before reluctantly getting up and open the door.

"and what exactly is it that you want?" you ask

"i want you back. i miss you. and i'm really really sorry." she replies

"okay, so let me get this straight..you cheat on me.. and then a couple days later you want me back? after cheating on me with my best friend? MY BEST FRIEND?" you say, pointing your finger at yourself.

"that's the thing. i wasn't cheating on you. we were just hanging out."

"just hanging out? your fucking kidding right? you seriously expect me to believe you. that is the biggest bullshit story i have ever heard in my whole life."

"well that's the truth."

"get out of my face. and take your shit with you. i don't ever wanna see you again. go be with your soulmate. fuck you." you say, crying handing the box of belongings to her.

"and here's yours." she says, kicking the taped box that sits on the porch toward the door frame.

you pick up the box before karissa says "i love you. i always will."

"bullshit. i don't believe you. you disgust me." you say, before slamming the door in her face.

"i'm sorry." she says in front of the closed door.

you slide down the door, and sob. you wanted her, anyone to comfort you and tell you that you would be okay. but alas, you were sitting on the cold tile floor of your should be full but empty house, wanting it to be filled with karissa's laughter and warmth.

weeks later of not talking to karissa you decide to text her. you hoped to make things right.

"i miss you." you text her.

"i'm sorry for my stupidity."

"can you come over? i feel like i'm gonna puke."

"of course. i'll leave now, and be there in like 10 minutes okay honey?"

"see you soon."

about 10 minutes later, you hear the door unlock.

"where are you?" she calls out

"right here." you say, walking out of the bathroom in her clothes.

"hi precious." she says, setting down her keys on the counter.

"hi" you say sniffiling, as you walk over to her

she wraps her arms around you, as you sob into her shoulder.

"i'm sorry i made you feel like this angel. i feel awful."

"i'm glad you came back. i was going crazy."

"trust me. i was barely making it."

"we are okay though right?"

"yes. only if you forgive me morgan."

"i forgive you karissa."

"i'm sorry. i still wanna marry you if that's okay."

"that's more than okay. i love you with my whole heart."

"i love you with my whole being."

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