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karissa sighs, putting her phone down on the kitchen table. "fuck." she was home alone, you were working a shift at the hospital.  she got a call from her boss, that she was being drafted into the army, for 3 months. it was her first time working since she finished basic training. she wanted to go, but she knew she'd miss your birthday. she didn't have a choice, she had to go. you got home a couple hours later, tired from the stressful day.

still sitting at the kitchen table, she gets up and walks over to you. "baby i have some news."

"oh no. what's wrong?"

"my boss called today..and i'm being drafted on monday."

"f-for how long?"

"3 months. maybe longer, maybe shorter."

"three months?! t-that's a long time, and monday-that's in a couple days!"

"i know. i might just call hunter and have you stay with him-and now saying that out loud is a VERY bad idea."

"goddddd why the army? why couldn't you be like a police officer. no, never mind i wouldn't want you being one of those either. be a manager of a grocery store or something. something safe! do you know what your doing? where you're going?"

karissa smiles, "i can't tell you what we're doing but i'm gonna be in the middle east. saudi arabia."


"morgan, morgan. calm down my love." she says, placing her hands on your shoulders. "i'm going to be okay."

"you like know how to shoot right? if like a bad guy comes near you?"

karissa smiles. "yes. but i won't have to shoot a gun. not if everything goes good. please, please don't worry, i will be okay."

"that isn't guaranteed! what if like, you have a heart attack! or what if you breathe in so much dust you can't breathe?! your organs could start failing, then you'd die. just gone. and the doctors. i want names and credentials. because jesus christ karissa-if you get hurt i'm flying to saudi arabia SO FAST. and you better tell me when you're home this time."

"sweetheart. you're overthinking way too much. i'm going to be fine. all the doctors and nurses are board certified, just like you. they aren't as good as you, but they're good enough. and no-i'm not telling you when i'm home, because i actually don't know, and probably won't." she says, pulling you into a hug.

"i'm calling your mother." you say, getting your phone out from your pocket.



"hi momma. your daughter just told me she's going to be drafted from THREE months in saudi arabia."

"karissa bardsley! were you gonna tell us?!"

"ma, i leave monday. and yea, of course i was gonna tell you."

"oh! and she leaves monday! in 3 days! and she MIGHT have to use a gun, but no big deal, right?"

"morgan honey you can stay with us if you want, while karissa's gone. but while she's home, spend time with her. make memories. you never know morgan. honestly."

"MOM WHY IS MORGAN CRYING. WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" karissa says into the phone, as tears roll down your face.

"i told her what my mother used to say to me. when your father was overseas."

"did dad get a call?"

"no, he isn't active anymore."


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