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a/n: i'm fucking LOVING this song atm! here's wtv this is enjoy loves xx

"he go make breakfast, you walkin' round naked. I might just text you, turn your phone over."

you and karissa weren't together anymore. she moved out, to pursue her music career. your boyfriend, or friend with benefits, whatever he was, stood in the kitchen making breakfast. your phone dinged, and you flipped it over. karissa.


you roll your eyes, of fucking course.


"how are you?" she replies instantly.

"pretty good, wbu?"

"i'm okay."

"alright. wyd?"

"why all the small talk, karissa? what do you want?"

"you, morgan. i miss you. meet me somewhere, tonight. please."

"ok, where?"

"the bar, downtown. 10 pm."

"see you then."

fucking great. plans with your ex, how could this end? only one way. you think to yourself, eating the pancakes your "boyfriend" made.

"i'm sitting at the bar when your glass is empty, you thinking this song's coming on to tempt me."

you walk into the local bar at 9:45, making sure to be early, for whatever the hell was about to happen. you sit on a barstool, and order a gin tonic.

when 10:00 rolls around, you expect karissa to come in soon. when 15 minutes go by, you decide to call her.

"where the fuck are you?"

"i'm coming i'm coming. see you in 5."

you hang up, and put your phone down on the table. karissa walks in at 10:25.

"whiskey double, please. and another gin tonic for her."

"i don't need you to order another drink for me."

"it's empty."

"okay and? just-karissa what do you want?"

"i miss you."

"of course you do. you always fucking miss me."

"what can i say? you're the type of girl to miss."

"stop trying to get me to sleep with you."

"is it working?"

"no! plus, i'm seeing someone."

"who? fucking matthew mongeau? as in, jacob mongeau- my ex's brother?! is the dick good? yeah, it will be until he fucking says he just want to be friends. morgan, i'm begging you. don't throw away what we have. please."

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