who the fuck is she.

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a/n: fulfilling an angst request for tambershipper enjoy love!!

"who the fuck is sabrina?" karissa asked, sitting at the countertop bar.

"like i said. she's just a coworker!"

"that's fucking bullshit. where were you friday night?!"

"we went out for drinks."

"just drinks? is there something else your not telling me?"

"why the fuck would i lie to you? i love you karissa. she's just a friend."

(here comes my fav possessive part guys 🤯😱)

"your fucking mine. do you understand? that means your no one else's. no one's little 'side hoe' or fuckbuddy. your my whore. my slut. my love. my girlfriend. my future wife. it hurts me that you feel you need to go out with someone else, and that i can't fulfill your needs."

"i know i'm yours. you've made that obvious with the marks on my body, and all the hickeys on my neck. we are just fucking friends. you fulfill my needs amazingly, or else i wouldn't be able to orgasm."

"well, i'm honored, but you still didn't tell me where you were and when you were coming home. what if you got into an accident? what if you needed help and i didn't know where you were?"

"i would of called you."

"what if your phone died?"

"it's all 'what if' 'what if' jesus christ! i cant do this! why won't you just listen to me!! she's just a friend!"

"why the FUCK did you kiss her then?!" she yells.

your voice starts to break, "i-i didn't."

"oh so your lying now?" she says, getting off the stool. she starts walking towards you.

"don't. don't touch me. get away from me." you say, wiping the tears off your face with your sleeve.

she didn't listen to you.

"why don't you trust me?" you asked. that's when you smelt the alcohol on her breath. she was drunk.

"because! you fucking kissed another woman morgan!!"

"your drunk."

"no i'm not."

"your never gonna let this go, are you?"

"you kissed someone else. while we are together. do i mean nothing to you?"

"stop. you know i don't think that."

"well clearly you do!!"

"i don't!"

she took a big swig of the whiskey in her glass, swallowed it, and went upstairs.

"goodnight you fucking cheating bitch." she yells down.

back to sleeping on the couch. you didn't dare to go upstairs. it wasn't until late morning you spoke to karissa again.

"you didn't mean that. tell me you didn't mean it."


"what you said last night. calling me a cheating bitch?"

"oh, yes i did."


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