lazy day

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"your so warm baby." you say, cuddling up to karissa.

"and your freezing."

"well the sun is only covering the other side of the room. we should move the bed."

"sweetheart it's 8 am, i know you, and you will not feel like rearranging everything once you actually wake up."

"your mean."

"you know it's the truth and you love me."

"yeah true."

"can we stay here all day?"

"if that's want you want morgan." she says, kissing your cheek.

"you mean- your actually telling me, that you don't have to leave in an hour, work an 8 hour day, then come home and fall asleep, without any sex, cuddles or even anything?! we can just-YAY."

"well no, i actually have to work but-"

"call in."

"stupid if you let me finish then maybe i could have finished my sentence."

"why are you so mean today?"

"i'm not mean! now come here little spoon." she says, pulling your body closer to hers

you smile, and turn to face her, kissing her on the lips.

"i love you." she says

"i love you more than the moon and the stars and all the cars."

"that's impossible."

"well regardless, i love you."

a/n: a little short one for you lovelies! i'll try to update this as much as i can <3

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