bad bad day

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you were upstairs, laying on your bed, looking at recipes for scones, and comparing them to yours. a couple minutes later, you heard the door shut. karissa was home, you heard a bag get thrown on the floor, and feet running up the stairs.

"morgan?" she says, bringing her face into view. her makeup was smeared down her face. she had been crying. "i've had such a bad day-"

"baby what's wrong? did something happen? what happened?" you say, jumping up to hug her as you walk around the bed.

she practically falls into your arms crying. "baby, come on, lay down." you walk over to the bed, and make her comfortable. you talk her through her panic attack, kissing her, and rubbing her back as she lays in your arms. "your okay. shhh. i've got you. your safe. shh my love." you continue to comfort her until she falls asleep, resting her head in the crook of your neck.

"morgan?" karissa says groggy

"i'm here love."

"how long was i asleep?"

"about 2 hours."

"and you just laid here and watched me sleep?"

"i did. i played with your hair, braided it, unbraided it, and gave you tons of kisses."

"your perfect. let's get married rn."

"i'm down. let's do it."

"i gotta get a ring silly."

"use a ring pop."

"i still have to buy one bunny." she says, reaching for the little stuffed bunny she bought you for your 1 year. she makes the stuffed animal walk up her stomach with her hands.

"mr. rabbit wants to see you." she says, holding the legs of the stuffed rabbit.

"oh really? what does he need me for?" you ask, in reply

"mr rabbit says that you haven't been talking to him and he's very sad and wants cuddles!!"

"really!! well i'm very sorry mr. rabbit!!"

"it's okay!" she says, in a low voice; making mr. rabbit come alive.

"mr. rabbit is me, baby." she says, in a quiet whisper.

"so, mr rabbit!! what have you been upto?" you reply, completely ignoring what karissa says.

"morgan!!! pay attention to meeee!!"

"kay!! i'm talking to mr. rabbit. don't interrupt, that's rude!"

suddenly, she takes mr rabbit away from you, and throws him on a chair.

"HEYYY! that's not very nice!"

"pay attention to me. or mr. rabbit will go away forever."

you gasp, "what are you gonna do to him?!"

"i'll hide him."

"nooo!! not mr. rabbit!"

"yes mr. rabbit."

she quickly got up, and ran to the bathroom, with a panicked look on her face. she knelt down, and lifted up the toilet seat. she puked her brains out.

"baby, your okay. you'll be alright." you say, holding her hair back, and rubbing her back.

once she brings her head up, you flush the toilet, and kiss her head.

"i'll go get water so you can wash the icky taste out."

you run downstairs, and fill a tall glass with drinking water, before bringing it upstairs.

"here you go lovely." you say, placing the glass on the sink top. you then proceed to sit on the floor behind karissa, brushing her hair. she threw up a couple more times, and swished her mouth out with water.

"drink it."

"no. it's all gross."

"karissa drink the water. please."

"fine." she says, taking a big sip, then swallowing it.

"i think your sick. like you have a bug or something."

"i hope not. "

you stand up, then give karissa a big hug.

"you'll be okay, i'll take care of you."

"i'm fine. honest."

"wanna watch a movie?"

"as long as it's not fucking scary."

"well...halloween (2018) isn't sc-"

"fuck no. hell fucking no."

"someone's scared..." you say, making you hand crawl up her back.

"stop. shut up."

"fine just don't watch it with me. i'll find someone who will."

"NO no no i'll watch it."

"you really don't have to- i know your proving to me that you can watch it even though your terrified."

"HEY HEY no!! i'm watching it with you!! and i'm not scared."

throughout the WHOLE movie karissa stayed close to you, and every time she saw michael or someone getting killed, she would turn away and 'hide'.

"your such a pussy."



"TELL ME. explain to me how i'm a pussy."

"you didn't even watch the movie!!"

"i did!!"

"fine!! tell me who dies first and last!!"

"some girl first, and laura dies last."

"you mean laura?"

"yeah, the old lady?"

"NO WAY BLUD JUST CALLED LARUIE LAURA. that's actually wild brooo"

"just cuddle me please."

"okay okay come here little baby." you say, smiling

"okay mama." she says, laughing as she lays down becides you.

"what happened today love?"

"just bad stuff. i started my period, and my cramps are so so bad, i'm pretty sure i'm sick, and Joshua doesn't think that we can tour this year."

"what do you mean tour??"

"we are recording a new album and-"

"a new album? actually?"

"yeah, i've got a solo in a few songs and i'm so fucking excited. you've gotta come with us if we tour!"

"i don't know if i can sweetheart."

"oh come on. you could have a backstage pass !' it would be so fun come onnnn."

"you are a very hot bassist... the way you finger the guitar makes me jealous. your so good with your hands."

"so then come with us. it's not like i'm fucking the guitar, im fucking you duh."

"i don't know if i can get off work."

karissa was a lead bassist in a band called "solipsis"
and they made a couple big albums. they cover nirvana, alice in chains, slipknot, and other rock/grunge bands.

"just askkk. i'll keep you posted."

a/n: i'm getting a new electric guitar guys! anyway, bassist karissa is hot tbh. enjoy!!

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