the trauma.

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it was a busy day in the er, and you were being paged 911 because of a mass casualty car pileup. there were over 10 cars involved, and many people were already dead when they arrived on scene.

"what do we got?" you say, running with the stretcher.

"25 year old john doe, unresponsive at the scene, bagged him, and got a pulse. been in and out of consciousness en route. glass shards in his abdomen and chest, possibly affecting the heart.

you flash a light into the man's eyes. "sir, can you tell me your name? pupils equal, and reactive."

the monitor next to him beeps rapidly. "he's in fib. push two of epi." the man doesn't get better. the monitor flatlines. "get me a crash cart!" you say, looking at a nurse. when she comes back, you shock the man. "clear!" you don't get a pulse. "clear! we've got a pulse! page cardio and general!"

"abdomen is full of blood. let's prep for a thoracotomy." dr grey says, doing an ultrasound on the man's stomach.

before walking away, the man grabs your arm.

"hey, hey, we've got you. dr. pierce and grey are gonna bring you up to surgery to take the glass out of your abdomen and chest." you say, snapping your gloves off.

"morgan.." the man says, softly.

you look through the bloody face and the wrap around his head. hunter. it was hunter. john doe was hunter.

"oh my god! hunter. hunter baby, you're okay. we've got you." you cry, holding your head with your hands. his were rough, bruised and raw. maggie pulled back the curtain, and you both took him up to surgery.

"morgan, scrub in." maggie says, standing over the scrub sink.

"got it."

"did you ever get a name?"

"yeah, hunter. hunter bardsley."

"isn't that-"

"my brother in law? yes."

"morgan-you know the rules. no working on family."

"grey needs an assist."

"no. im saying no. i can't bend the rules, and you know that."

"fine. but i'll be watching from the gallery." you say, walking out the door.

you watch the bed get rolled into the or, and call your wife.

"hi baby."

"hi honey." you say, your tone dull and tired.

"what's wrong? you seem out of it."

you sigh, "there was a mass casualty today, a 10 car pileup. a-and h-hunter is one of the victims. he-he's going to be okay, though. im waiting until he's out of surgery, then i'll reassess his injuries

"im leaving right now. i'll be there in 20 minutes. you just breathe, i'll let momma know."

you hang up the phone with karissa, and try not to cry as you study every move of the surgeons working on hunter.

half an hour later, hunter gets taken out of surgery, and into his own room. he was stable, and breathing on his own. you stand in the doorway, with your hands in your pockets.

"holy fucking fuck morgan. what the hell happened?" hunter says, looking at his hands.

"well, for starters, you were in a 10 car pileup. your heart stopped, and you coded multiple times."

"so what-i like, died? and my car? my truck! my beautiful truck!"

you laugh, "technically, you did die. and there were glass shards in your abdomen and chest. dr. pierce and grey removed them. your abdomen was full of blood, so dr. grey did a thoracotomy. and that's it. here you are. your bp's stable, but we are going to keep your here overnight. karissa should be here in-"

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