the fight.

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a/n: a lil fighting chapter for lomlwomen !! enjoy lovelies 😽

"do they have to come over?!" karissa says, sighing.

"karissa your gonna meet your niece! yes they have to come over!"

"even bailey?!"

"yes. even bailey."

"but we got some unfinished business that we gotta take care of first."

"no. don't even think about it."

"you don't know what i was gonna say!"

"you gonna try and fight her. don't you dare."

karissa scratches her head. "uhhh...."

"don't. you. dare." you say, taking a sip of wine.

"i can't be controlled."

"get the fuck out. there's the door."

there's a knock on the door, and you look up. "i'll get it." when you open the door, hunter stands with a baby car seat in his hand.

"hi hunter!"

"hi morgan. bailey should be-yeah here she comes." he says, smiling.

"you look good hunter. happy."

"i really am. i'm a dad morgan. i have a child. i can't believe it." he says, coming inside.

"hi bailey! come in, come in."

"hi morgan."

"congratulations, by the way."

"thank you."

karissa comes into the living room, and welcomes her brother. she side eyes bailey, not paying any attention to her.

"so! who's this?" karissa says, kneeling down.

"meet annalise."

"hi annalise baby!"

you go over to the sink, and wash your hands. "karissa wash your hands. before you hold her. please."

"yeah-if you don't mind. we don't want her getting sick." bailey says.

"i don't have any diseases though." karissa says, giving bailey a dirty look.

"karissa. just do it please. it's true, bailey is right. babies are extremely contagious to even the smallest of germs. i would know-i work in a hospital."

"fine fine." karissa says, going over to the sink. she leans over, and whispers in your ear. "the fuck she thinks she is?! bitch don't tell me what to do." karissa looks in bailey's direction, who is holding her daughter.

"karissa stop it. she's trying to protect her kid."

"sorry. i'm just-she just-makes me mad."

you walk back over, and bailey hands annalise to you. "hi babyyy." you say, smiling.

your niece coos and babbles, as you play "peek-a-boo" with her. "how old is she?"

"gonna be what, 2 months babe?" bailey asks.

"yeah, yeah coming up on 2 months."

karissa looks at you, then back at hunter.

hunter who sits on the floor, gets up, and goes into the kitchen, where his daughter's diaper bag is. he comes back with a small blanket with a bunny head on it.

"this is her favorite thing in the world." hunter says, handing the small toy to you.

you give annalise the toy, and her face lights up.

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