period troubles

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you woke up with karissa in your arms. today wasn't a good day. blood ran cold down your leg, staining the sheets.
you shift slowly, trying to get up. after a failed attempt, karissa wakes up.
"what's wrong?" she says, still groggy
"you gotta get up."
"what do you mean?"
"i have to change the sheets. i'm sorry"
"i started my period."
"oh honey, that's okay, i can do it. go freshen up."
"are you sure?"
"yes. it's not a big deal."
she gets up stretching, and takes off the sheets, putting them on the floor. you go to the bathroom, and use your feminine product of choice. you exit the bathroom, and help her finish the bed.
"are you feeling okay? do you want me to make you breakfast?"
"i'm fine, just a little crampy"
"okay, can i get you anything?"
"honey, i'm fine really."
"i'll make you breakfast. what do you want?"
"i don't need you to make me anythingg. i can do itt"
"come on just tell me what you want"
"french toast and coffee will be fine."
"you got it. i'll be back in a jif." karissa says as she runs downstairs, as you lay tangled among fresh sheets. you scroll through instagram, liking her post of the two of you together. meanwhile, downstairs, karissa is busy in the kitchen making your breakfast.
soon enough, the smell of a nice warm breakfast arises up the stairs. a few minutes go by until karissa brings a tray with your french toast with butter and whipped cream and a tall glass of oj. just how you like it.
"here you go my lovee"
"your the best actually. you know me so wel.l."
"i'm just doing the best i can"
"well you exceed the standards"
"i didn't know there were standards my love"
she says, walking away
"no where are you going? stay here."
she walks towards the bed and lays next to you. as she lays there admiring your every move, you put a bit of whipped cream on your fingertip, and boop her on the nose. you giggle as she wipes it off.
"jerk" she says
"what'd you call me?"
she doesn't answer
"that's what i thought"
as you finish your breakfast, karissa is reading next to you.
"whatcha reading love?" you ask
"the passengers. it's a really good book."
"reading is for nerds. except for you, obviously."
"are you sure about that? because all those books over there aren't mine.. there're yours."
"oh. um. i'm sorry."
"i'm gonna go bring this downstairs."
"no i'll get it for you. don't move."
"it's not like i have a broken leg and can't walk."
"no but you aren't feeling well and you need to stay in bed princess."
"when did you become a doctor? and why the pet names?"
"because why not? do you not like them? it's honestly just common sense honey."
"no i love them." you say, refusing to hand her the tray
"give me the tray. i'm not letting you get up."
"give me the tray morgan. i'm not letting you off this bed."
"no i'm getting up. here's your stupid tray."
"thank you, jesus christ."
"your welcome." you say mockingly before she heads downstairs
you get up, and walk downstairs to scare the shit out of her. you enter the kitchen where karissa is washing the dishes. you creep up behind her and wrap your arms around her neck.
"nice try. you can't scare me. also, what are you doing down here? i told you not to get up."
"i can do what i want."
"go on, get back in bed."
"no. your gonna have to make me."
"i'm asking nicely, now please, go upstairs."
"fine. i'll have to do this the hard way then."
she dries her hands, and picks you up by the legs, carrying you over her shoulder.
"put me down!"
"i told you!"
"put me down. please."
"no." she says as she walks up the stairs
"i'm gonna fall! put me down!" you say laughing
karissa starts running up the stairs, throws you on the bed and starts tickling you.
you laugh, kicking your legs.
"no." she says laughing
she stops, wrapping her arms around you. you turn, facing her, and fall asleep in her arms. a few hours later, you wake up with karissa not next to you. where is she?
no answer.
you say, heading downstairs.
once more,
"karissa where are you?" now, shouting from the kitchen. it's a game of hide and seek. surely she's not in the basement. you open the basement door, turn on the light and walk down. nothing. you walk back up the stairs, looking in every room.
"come on, this isn't funny. where the fuck are you? your scaring me."
karissa comes out from the closet behind you.
"boo." she says, whispering in your ear as you jump
"fucking hell you scared me."
"karmas a bitch."
"just like you."
"that's mean."
"i love you."
"i love you more. how are you feeling?"
"my cramps are pretty bad."
"come lay down with me then? we can watch a movie and you can cuddle on top of me? i'll give you some advil for your cramps too."
"ugh, how did i get so lucky? your the best baby."
"only for you. now come on, hurry up." she says, motioning you to come lay down with her. soon you follow, laying on her watching tv, until you fall asleep once again. she hated seeing you in pain, and knowing there was nothing she could really do but be there for you was the worst feeling in the world.

when your period was finally over, karissa was relived that you were no longer in pain. although she still had periods, hers were never as bad as yours were. you could return to normal, karissa constantly clinging onto you, and you absolutely loved every minute of it.

a/n: this one is kinda long i'm sorry 😭 enjoy loves.

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