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you were an author. a famous one at that. writing was your passion, something you loved since you could in fact write. your newest memoir, a book about falling in love; was dedicated, and about your girlfriend karissa. she had helped you through the last 7 years of your life, so you figured that was the least you could do. she didn't know it yet, but your fans were raving over your new upcoming release. you held the final pages of the book in your hands, freshly printed. you start, reading from the beginning.

i dedicate this book to my one true love. karissa. without her, i truly would not be able to publish this book, or have started my career. Because of her, i was able to write this book, and make it through the lowest points of my life. so for you darling, cherish and enjoy this book.

you continue to read, as you go on about your life, growing up in a broken family, and what it was like until you met karissa.

you continue reading, then skip to the end of the book, where you wrote a handwritten letter to karissa. you were going to publish it along with the rest of the book, included in the back. but, you weren't going to show that to her just yet.
"dearest karissa,
i am so proud of you. i'm honored to be able to be by your side, through the good and the bad, and to be able to help you up when your down. yes, things hurt, i know that, and i'll be here when you need me. i want to thank you for being here for me, when i reached my lowest. no one besides you my love, has been able to make me feel so strong and empowered than you. that is something i plan to cherish everyday. overtime, ive learned that when you give someone your time, and love, you create a bond. i believe our bond is so strong that we can overcome even the highest of hurdles. as long as i have you with me, i will be the best version of myself. so thank you. thank you so much for being you. i love you so much."

"i have a surprise for you." you call out, walking down the wooded staircase.
"oh really? what is it?" karissa asks, finishing grading her class papers at the table.
"you know the book i've been working on?"
"yeah, what about it?"
"i think you should read it."
"yeah, i'd love to! let me just finish up with this.."
"well when you get the chance, please read it."
"of course."
you waited for about a half hour, till she finally opened the book and started reading. karissa was an emotional person, so even the smallest things would make her heart melt. she came upstairs, after she was done reading, teary eyed, mascara running down her face.
"so? did you like it?" you ask, smiling
"shut. the. fuck. up. i'm actually still in shock. that was the best- nicest thing anyone has ever done to me. that means the absolute world to be even mentioned in your book morgan."
"of course! i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. you mean the absolute world to me, and i would give anything to see you happy. but i do have one more thing for you."
"you do?"
you take out the letter, written in cursive, hidden behind your back. you sit on the bed, as she sits next to you. she opens the letter and starts reading. a few sentences in, she starts crying.
"i cant do this."
you smile, and kiss her on the check.
"just read it. i didn't even go that deep."
she finishes reading the letter, and cries. "i love you. so much."
"i love you more. thank you for saving me." you say, smiling and hugging her.
"i've just existed, i haven't done anything."
"are you sure about that?"
"yeah, what have i done?"
"too much to list honestly."

when you did in fact release the book, the paparazzi gathered around your house like crazy. when you would go outside, many cameras would flicker of reporters trying to get a picture of you. they would invade your privacy, pushing the microphones through the gates of your house. to stay away from the public eye, you would shut all the blinds in your house, including the basement window.

karissa was so happy for you, that you were successful. you were interviewed by many reporters, all of which asked you about karissa. all the things you had to say were positive, and you announced that you would do a book signing. karissa came with you, delighted to meet so many people.
"this is so cool." she whispers into your ear, as she sits next to you at a long table. people bring their books, and you sign them, greeting the fans as they walked in. the meet and greet was at a bookstore, a few miles from your house. you loved going there, to get new books, or to study. it was an old and small wooden shop, built in the early 1950's. meeting fans was your favorite part of publishing new pieces. karissa was your favorite fan, obviously, but you adored meeting the ones that you didn't know and kept your dream alive.

you kept writing books and manuscripts, and gave them to karissa to read. she gave you honesty, and helped you fix grammatical errors. she loved when you published a new book, so she could meet your fans and supporters.

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