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a/n: i love this song with all my heart and it made me think of this idea 💗
(karissa's pov)
you adored morgan with your whole heart. you loved her dimples when she smiled, or when you had to help her get something from the top shelf because she was just too short to reach it. she was all yours, and you wanted to marry her. you got the most gorgeous ring, for the most gorgeous girl.

"do you wanna go away this weekend?" you asked

"where do you want to go?" she asked

"i was thinking myrtle beach? we could stay a few days?"

"that sounds wonderful. do you want me to start booking a hotel?"

"no no i've got it all covered."

"your sure?"

"i'm positive amor." you say, getting up and kissing her on the head.

"okayy." she says, unconvinced.

you walk into the kitchen, and put your coffee cup in the sink before heading into the office to look at hotels on the beach.

you find one you really like, and call them.


"hi, i am looking for a 1 bed room for the nights of  june 17th-21st. do you have a room available?"

"yes. that will be $570.00"


"i'll have you pay when you get here. check in starts at 11:30."

"okay great! thank you!"

as the line disconnects, morgan walks in, asking who your talking to.

"i just booked us a room on the beach." you say, turning around in the office chair.

"ooo yay! is there any reason you wanna go away?"

" reason."

"your sure.."


"hmm. that's interesting..because the flower shop just called and said that your "12 dozen roses" are available for pickup."

"fuckk. nevermind that honestly. it was probably just a wrong number." you say, scratching your head.

"they said your name. what are you planning?"

"i was gonna propose." you say quickly, under your breath.


you pointed to morgan, and made a proposal motion with your hands, until you pointed at yourself.

"i am so stupid. i am so sorry. fuck i feel so bad. i am so so sorry." she says, eyes watering.

"okay well let me actually propose now." you say, lifting the ring box from the table.

you kneel on one knee, and "pop the question."

"morgan y/l/n, will you marry me?"

"yes! yes! a million times yes!!" she says, crying while smiling.

you stand up and spin her around while hugging her.

"i love you." she says

"i love you so much more."

a/n: this one is kinda short and rushed, but hope you enjoyed!! xoxo

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