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a/n: i lowkey cannot wait for college, but here's a chapter about a little teacher x student moment 🤷🏻‍♀️
you were a senior at stanford university. you majored in nursing, but took alternative science classes, such as chemistry and physics. your chemistry teacher, mrs. martin, suddenly quit, leaving you with a sub. the work was insanely easy, and you weren't learning anything. you wanted a real teacher. karissa on the other hand, quit her job in hopes to find a better pay.

"babe!! you should sub in for my chem class!" you said, suddenly.

"i fucking hate chemistry. i almost failed that class my senior year of high school."

"shittt. high school karissa brings back some wild memories."

"we don't talk about that."

"you were fucking obsessed with jacob mongeau! you thought he was your soullllmate."

"oh god not the woman beater! that worked out real well. kid was a fucking asshole. then i saw you and your gorgeous self and was like, damn, i need me a piece of that." she says, staring you up and down. "don't worry, just kidding babe." she adds.

"mmm. right."

"trust me! nah actually it was more of, that i needed a date to prom, and we were already kinda talking, so i just asked you out and fell in love for real."

"oh so i'm the backup?"

"no, that isn't what i meant."

"you should apply for a substitute position!"

"babe..i don't even know if i'd get to substitute your class."

"come onnn. it'd be so funny."

"you do realize that i'd have to treat you like a student and pretend like i don't know you, right?"

"yeah yeah of course. i can talk to my friends about how hot we think you are..when in reality...we live together."

karissa ended up applying and getting the job at stanford. "i start tomorrow."

"tomorrow?? holy shit." you say, laughing

"this is what you wanted hon."

"i know i'm not complaining.."

the next morning, karissa got up earlier than you, and took a shower. when you woke up, karissa was putting on makeup at the vanity across the bedroom. she sat on the padded stool, wearing a satin shirt. she turns around and sees if your awake. "hi my love." she says, getting up and walking over to you and sitting on the bed.

"good morning miss bardsley."

she smiles, "did you sleep okay?"

"i did. miss bardsley, did you?"

"i did, my sweet girl. you wanna get up now?"

"i probably should. do you think i should miss bardsley?"

"i think you should miss morgan."

you laugh, and get up. you stretch and hug karissa who still sits on the bed.

"hi my sweet girl." you say, kissing her head. "coffee?"

"mm coffee sounds good."

"okay, i'll go down and make it, you finish your makeup, alright?"

"thank you my love."

you get up, and turn around near the stairs. you blow karissa a kiss, to which she smiled back at. you walked down the stairs, and made her a latte. you drew a foam heart on the top, and dusted it with a bit of cinnamon. it looked really good. you walked back upstairs with the two cups in your hands, trying not to drop them. you placed your cup on the nightstand, and walked your wife's cup over to her.

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