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Gabby's POV

"Mackenzie, I told you I'm not going over to his house to see him."

Mackenzie wants me to face my problems, but I don't know if I want to see him right now. I don't want to hear all of this bullshit he has to say.

It's more than just that one thing, and I think he knows it, too.

"Gabby, I'm calling him. You guys really need to talk." she said while I put my face in my hands.

She let out a sigh "I told you I'm not letting you run away from your problems, and if you're this worried about him, talk to him." "No. I don't feel like it, ok? I don't want to talk to him again."

"Ok, well can we at least go out to get coffee?" She asked "Ok." I sighed

We got into her car and headed to the coffee place.

I was looking down at my phone, scrolling through Instagram the whole time.

"Ok, We're here." She said

I looked up and we were in a neighborhood.

Hayes' neighborhood.

"Look, I'm not asking for you to get back together with him or anything, just go talk to him."

"No. I'm not going up there." I shook my head.

"You don't even have to get out of the car. I'll lock the doors, go up there myself and you can talk to him."

I stayed silent as I looked down at my hands in my lap.

"I hate to say it, but the more you wait him out, the more he's going to get irritated, think of ways to gaslight you, play the victim, and lash out."

I hate to admit it, but she was right.

She started to take off her seatbelt to get out of the car "What are you doing?" I asked

"Going up there to talk to him."

"Mackenzie, he's not going to be happy to see you at all." I shook my head as I began to feel more and more anxious.

She got out of the car and slammed the door behind her.

I watched her through the car window as she walked up Hayes' lawn and to his front door.

About a minute after she knocked on his door, it opened and there Hayes stood in the doorway.

I could tell by her hand gestures that she started talking.

Hayes looked past her to me.

He pushed her aside and walked down his porch steps.

"Shit." I whispered under my breath.

I tried rolling up the window, but the car was off, so I couldn't.

I slouched down in my seat, rested my arm on the door handle, and rested my fore head in my hand so I wasn't looking his way.

I could feel Hayes towering over me from outside of the car.

"Hey Gabby." I could feel him staring down at me, causing me to feel uneasy to say the least.

"Hi." I muttered quietly.

"Gabby, please listen to what I have to say." He said in a blunt tone.

"Hayes, I really don't want to talk to you."

"Then why'd you come here to my house?" He bent down and leaned against the car windowsill so his hands and elbows were partially inside of the car.

"Because I was forced to come here. She tricked me. I don't feel like seeing you right now."

"Well, I've been looking for you."

"Yeah, I know. You came to my house." I scoffed.

"Because I love you and I couldn't stand being apart from you, especially while we're arguing and have yet to really hear each other out." I rolled my eyes in annoyance "baby, you know I care about you and I just want to make things right... so why are you being so stubborn?" He asked, leaning in a little closer to my face.

I ignored him, still staring out of the windshield as he stood beside me.

He let out a sigh and reached over me and took the keys out of the ignition and held them tight in his fists.

"Gabby, please look at me." He said softly and I ignored him, hoping it would make him just go away.

"The least that you can do out of respect for your boyfriend, is to look at me when I'm talking to you."

"You're not my boyfriend, Hayes." I muttered.

He swiftly grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him as soon as the words left my mouth.

"What the fuck do you mean I'm not your boyfriend, Gabby?"

"I don't want to be with you anymore, Hayes." I said as I struggled to get out of his grip.

"The more you struggle, the bigger of a scene you cause. Relax." He said sternly so I stopped struggling. I felt tears of frustration form in my eyes as he continued.

"And you're not going to sit up here and act like you didn't ask— beg for me to fuck you," my face got hot as he said that "I guess you don't remember that, huh? Well, I'll remind you that you were a moaning mess. I didn't even think sex with you could be that good and I'm assuming my performance took you by surprise. I think
If you truly understood how much you enjoyed it, you wouldn't be so upset with me." tears ran down my face as I thought about what he was telling me.

"Look, I will get us back together no matter what the hell it takes. You can guarantee that. We've dated for this long, and I'm not letting all that time go to waste because of one stupid mistake. I'm not letting you go just yet. It's not over." He let go of my chin, turned around, and walked back to his front door.

I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he walked up his front lawn. I heard his front door slam shut.

Mackenzie got back into the driver's seat "Hey, you ok? What happened out here?" She asked "Can we please just go back to your house?" I said ignoring her questions.

"Um, yeah." She said then started up the car.

"Gabby, I'm so sorry." She said as she pulled off of the curb "I didn't think it would go down like this. I'm sorry I put you through this." She shook her head but I stayed silent.

She drove us back to her house and I decided to just go home. I'm just kind of done with people right now.

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