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Jack Gilinsky

As soon as I saw Hayes' bitch ass I punched him.

I've been waiting to do that for a hell of a long time.

He was taken back a few steps and looked back up at me in shock.

"What the fuck is your problem?" He yelled "My problem? You're the one stalking my fucking girlfriend! You're the one who fucking took her away from me!" I yelled back taking a few steps closer to him.

I towered over him and he still showed no sign of fear.

"I didn't take her." He smirked "Stop fucking lying!" I said through clenched teeth "Even if I were, how would you know?"

I grabbed the collar of his shirt and rammed him against the wall behind him "Maybe you're the one who stalks her and loves her unconditionally. Did she beg you to stay away from her? Huh?"

I thought back to our conversation in the hospital room where she asked me to keep my distance.

"Welcome to the club, Jack." He said bluntly with a smirk.

"No, she loves me." My eyes started to water and a lump started to form in my throat.

"She loves me too. We've been together since middle school, Jack. We'll both always have love for each other. You? You were just an occasional friend or someone else to go to while Mackenzie or I were busy."

"Shut the fuck up," I yelled in his face "That's not true!" "When did you guys start talking again?" He asked me.

I thought back to the party which was the first time I had seen her in a long time.

"Did she ever contact you? Call? Text? DM? Anything? No, because she didn't care about you until she lost me; the best thing that ever happened to her." "No, she didn't contact me because you never let her do anything. She doesn't love you."

"But she always thinks about me... always talks about me.. always worries about me." I slammed him against the wall again "Because you fucking scare the shit out of her!"

"Jack, you might want to let go of me before I contact the police and tell them how you broke an entering and are physically assaulting me." He had a sly grin on his face. "Then I'll tell them what you did." "Do it. Please. They didn't believe Gabrielle, they won't believe you. You'll look as crazy as her."

I jerked him forward so I could slam him against the wall harder but thought about what he said. He's right.

I pushed him away from me, causing him to stumble back.

"And you wanna know how I know she still loves me?" He leaned against the wall beside him. "She doesn't–" "The way she moaned my name as I fucked the shit outta her," He chuckled "The scratch marks she left on my back. I even got a couple of scars. The way her legs shook and ached for more. Her urgent need for me."

"That's called lust, dumbass." "Oh you wouldn't understand. Unless she gave yourself to her like she did to me. No? She didn't? Ok then. Now get the hell outta my house."

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