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"See, I even have this. She literally wrote this herself. She had to have been hiding or something when she wrote this." I explained to the officer while handing him the small, green wrapper.

I was sitting in an office with a police officer, explaining everything that's been going on within the past months regarding the Hayes and Gabby situation.

"Sir, how long has she been missing?" He asked me.

"About two weeks I think. I'm not sure."

"How aren't you sure?" He asked.

"I was out of town when she turned up missing. My best friend was the one who was going to check up on her when he found that she wasn't there." I explained.

"And you also said there was a note stating that she was going camping or something that was taped to your front door when your friend found that she wasn't there, correct?" He asked.

"Yeah, but it wasn't her handwriting. Plus, my house was trashed when I got back home, specifically in my room, where I found the note."

The officer let out a sigh and collected his papers so he could stack them neatly "And our suspect is..."

"Hayes Grier. Her ex-boyfriend." I jumped at the opportunity to set him out.

"Mhm. Well, let's call him in so we can all have a chat."


Hayes, two officers, and I were now all in the office together to get this situation figured out.

Hayes was cuffed in a chair on the same side of the desk from me while the officer was sitting at the desk and one was standing near Hayes.

"May I please ask why I'm here?" Hayes asked, annoyed.

"You're a suspect to a kidnapping and.. Murder?" The officer looked at me with a questioning look on his face while he said "murder"

"Yes, multiple murders." I nodded my head while glaring at Hayes.

"Oh my God. Not this again." Hayes scoffed.

"What do you mean, sir?" The officer asked.

"Him and my ex girlfriend. They keep blaming me for shit and making up lies about me. She's tried to get the police to search my house for stuff that wasn't there, accused me of stalking her and murdering people, and he," He turned to look at me "Came into my own home and assaulted me."

"Is this true?" One of the officers asked me.

"Ok, I did rough him up a little bit but bec—"

"Would you like to press charges, Mr. Grier?" The officer asked while cutting me off.

"No, I just want to be out of this whole situation." He shook his head.

The officer let out a sigh "and do you know anything about either of these?" He showed Hayes the wrapper and note that was taped to my front door.

He took a minute to read each one.

"Ok, the first one seems pretty self-explanatory and I obviously haven't seen her in a long time because she doesn't want to see me. If anything, I would think you knew about this. And for the candy wrapper, thats not even what her handwriting or signature looks like. It looks like a five-year old wrote it. This is getting old and I've had enough. Please leave me out of this and leave me alone before I do press charges for blackmail or something." Hayes went on.

"Ok, I think we're done here," the officer started to get up from his chair and handed me the piece of paper and the candy wrapper.

"Wait, what? But what about a case?" I asked.

"You don't have enough evidence for a case." The officer got up and walked over to Hayes, releasing him from his restraints.

Hayes rubbed his wrists and stood up.

"So, I'm free to leave?" Hayes asked.

"Yes, sorry about this, sir." The officer answered and the second officer in the room escorted him back to the lobby.

I turned back to the other officer in the room and he looked annoyed. "Please don't come back here with anymore bullshit like this" he shook his head.

I'm never going to find her.

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