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We were both sitting in a booth at a diner Jack took us to. I ordered two strawberry pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup and Jack ordered regular, unlimited pancakes with syrup and butter.

I took a few bites out of my food and couldn't eat anymore. I lost my appetite a while ago, but was just eating out of sadness by now.

"Ya know, my uncle always used to take me here whenever I came to visit. I would always get the three pancakes with the two sunny-side up eggs, a smile made out of bananas with a strawberry nose and eyebrows made out of bacon." He said with a smile while cutting up his food. I let out a small laugh and picked at my food once more.

"Not hungry?" He asked

"I'll just get a box. I'm not that hungry right now." I continued to pick at my food.

"Are you still stuck on that dream?" He asked

"Yeah," he let out a sigh "It just felt so real. It's like he was right there. I could feel the pain of the restraints on my wrists, I could literally feel Hayes' body heat, and you... It.. It's like it was really you. I could hear the gunshot echo through the small room and then it was over." I set down my fork.

"How about I get the check and we can go back to the hotel or do something?" He asked while reaching over the table and holding my hand in his

"Yeah, I'm kind of tired." I nodded my head.


Jack and I were both laying on the hotel bed, watching Bob's Burgers. My head was on his chest and his arm was wrapped around me.

I feel bad because I think I'm holding him back from having fun. He offered to take me to Chicago and we're in a fancy hotel and everything, and I'm being a true fun-killer.

"Jack?" I asked


"Why'd you want to come here?" I asked

"Because I thought it'd be good to get away from everything for a while."

"Am I being a fun-killer?" I asked

"No." He chuckled

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. It's our first day here, and I've been out here plenty of times. I brought you here so you could have fun, and I promise, I'm gonna make that happen."

He's so nice, it's killing me.

"What do you want to do while we're here?" I asked

"Doesn't matter to me."

"Well, what's fun?" I asked

"We could go sight-seeing, we could go to the beach, we could go shopping, see a hockey or basketball game. There's a lot you can do."

"We should walk around at night. That's when it looks the best."

"We will most definitely do that, but I'll be right back, I think I drank too much lemonade down at the diner." He said while getting up and I laughed to myself.

I laid back down and picked up my phone from the nightstand.

I scrolled through my notifications and saw an iMessage.

Hey :)- Unknown

Who is this?- Gabby

Hayes- Unknown

What do you want?- Gabby

You aren't home :( I just came by to check up on you. Where are you?- Hayes

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