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Gabby's POV

Hayes' arms were still wrapped around my body so I was against him and his small snores were right in my ear.

It was still pouring rain outside and I couldn't sleep. Not with him.

I slowly got up, making sure not to wake him and went to the window.

There were raindrops sliding down the window and I could see big puddles in the backyard.

I could still see a peek of the mood from the clouds where it's hidden. That little bit of light shone down on the backyard and forest behind it.

The house was in a secluded area. Woods all around and no neighbors that I know of.

I miss Jack so bad and it hurts so much to think that he's just chilling in New York. And Johnson. I haven't been there and he's probably worried and maybe he told Jack.

My thoughts were interrupted by a raspy voice "Baby, come back to bed." He groaned.

I ignored his request and continued my thoughts, blocking out every other sound except for the rain and Jack's calming voice in my head.

I can imagine him telling me everything's gonna be alright and we'll be together again. I can feel his soft lips on my forehead when he gives me comforting kisses and smell the cologne he leaves me smelling like when we cuddle. I miss him.

I felt a pair of warm hands wrap around my cold body.

"Come on, babe, it's late." He pulled me back to the bed by my waist.

I finally listened to him and got back in the bed.

I might be stuck with Hayes but I can't get Jack out of my mind. He's everything I have.. or had. He's my best friend, I don't want to be apart from him.

I could feel as more warm tears slid down the sides of my cheeks and onto the pillow that was under my head.

My breathing started to become unsteady as I tried to hold in my sobs. I was literally choking because I couldn't let it out.

I finally bursted. The loud thunder leveled with my sobs but that didn't stop Hayes from wrapping his arms tighter around me.

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