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"And you owe me... $15,000 for landing on my... Airport." Jack and I were playing Monopoly out of boredom while watching TV.

"Yeah, I guess I owe you for that real, valuable, green, usable money that I earned." I responded.

"You didn't earn it, Villanova cheated"

"Ok, how is winning the championships from a buzzer beater suddenly cheating?"

"Because Carolina deserved that"

"Well they should have stepped up their defense if they deserved it so bad." I joked.

"shut up." He mumbled playfully.

I slightly chuckled and looked back over to the TV.

There was a burning house on the TV, so I decided to turn it up since it looked interesting.

"Here is the home of another house fire victim. Cameron Dallas' home was supposedly burned down because his stove was on, and investigators say he was sleeping upstairs when the fire happened, but we have one witness for more information." The reporter said then gave the mic to someone else. I couldn't even believe who it was. Hayes

"Um, I was on my way to pick up Cam from his house because we just wanted to go get a couple of drinks, but when I arrived I found his house up in flames, so I called 911, but," he cleared his throat and tears came streaming down his face "They said it was too late." The reporter handed him a tissue and he stifled out a laugh "But, yeah, I can't believe he's actually gone... It's- it's been a tough week." He said then the camera flipped to someone else.

"Holy shit." I could barley get out.

"Oh my God, I can't believe Hayes was on TV," Jack chuckled "That's what he always wanted, right? All the attention." He joked.

"Jack, you don't understand, he killed Cameron." I could feel my stomach begin to churn. I was stuck between shocked, sad, and anxious.

"Haha, very funny," Jack said sarcastically. I looked at him with sadness because I wasn't joking. I wish I was, but I wasn't.

"Look, Hayes is a little... Mental, but he'd never go as far as to kill somebody- not a good friend of his."

"Jack, I'm serious. I know Hayes and I know that he'd go this far. He said he'd do anything to get me back."

"Ok, and what does this guy have to do with your relationship? Did he hit on you or something?" He asked.

"No, after I broke up with Hayes he started stalking me. Then he got Cameron to start stalking me after I caught him doing it. Then Hayes got into a car accident, and I got back together with him because I saw how much it affected him. I wanted to get back with him too but I mostly just wanted the stalker shit to end, and I thought he changed, but he didn't. Then, like six weeks later, which is today, Cameron confessed to everything, and I guess he didn't know we were dating, and I broke up with Hayes ruining our relationship, and oh my God, I caused the death of a human being." I was hysterical. I put my face in my hands and continued to cry.

"Hey, hey," Jack got up from his chair "It's fine. I promise."

"No it's not. Hayes is crazy, and what if you're next?" I asked.

"I'm not next." He assured me.

"Then who is?"

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