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Manhattan, New York

I looked at the huge building that Jack was staying in. It was right in the center of everything, a few blocks down from the Empire State Building. It must be expensive.

I walked into the lobby and it was amazing. The walls and ceilings were marble and there was a beautiful mural on the ceiling.

I walked past the front desk to the elevator and stepped in.

I looked back down at my phone to see a text from Johnson.

Room: 27 on the 8th floor. - Johnson

I rode up, feeling myself become more excited at the thought of seeing Jack. It's 7 AM because I agreed to take the earliest flight possible to see him but I hope he doesn't get annoyed at the fact that I'm here at this time.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. I took a deep breath then stepped out onto the 8th floor. There was a sign right in front of me that told me which way the rooms were.

<- 1-15 ~ 16-30 ->


I turned right and slowly dragged my small suitcase behind me as I looked on each side of the hall for the room number.


I stood in front of the door and stood there before knocking. I don't know what I was waiting for but it felt like forever before I lightly knocked on the door.

I waited a few seconds for anything, but there was nothing. I knocked again, this time a little harder.

I heard rustling in the room and took a step back from the door. I heard heavy footsteps nearing the door and the chain of the door being disconnected. Finally, the door opened up a tiny bit, revealing his dark brown eyes and perfect eyebrows.

His eyes went from sleepy and out of it to surprised and wide.

He opened the door all the way and attacked me with a hug.

"Holy shit, I missed you so Goddamn much." He picked me up. "You were only gone for like.. Two days." I laughed then wrapped my legs around his torso and kissed him on the cheek. "I know, but I was lonely and I was worried about you."

He grabbed my bag, now supporting my body with one hand and brought it inside.

"So, what have you been doing the past few days?" I asked while he set my bag against the wall and sat down on the side of the bed so I was on his lap "Not much. I went to Times Square." "That's awesome, I haven't been there in a long time." I rested my head on his shoulder. I felt as tired as he was when he opened the door.

"We should go down there, then. It's even prettier at night." He suggested "And we can take the Subway and everything." "The Subway? Seems complicated." He chuckled "It's not that bad. I still kind of remember how to get around. Plus, one of the routes takes you directly there. I didn't live in this part of town, but as long as I know the train we're taking, I could probably figure it out." I explained.


I said I would make longer chapters, and I wanted this to be longer, but I also wanted to try and publish more

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