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"Anybody... Please!" He yelled and I heard him cough.

"H-hello?" I said in a loud voice "Who's there?" I asked, hoping it wasn't Jack. That's the last person I want Hayes to hurt.

"Jack Gilinksy! Please, please help me! I don't know where I am!" His voice cracked with every word. I could tell he'd been screaming and yelling all night, but these walls are thick so there was no use.

"Jack, I-I need you to stay calm, ok?"

"Gabby??" He yelled

"It's me, Jack, but I really need you to calm down. I'm going to get you out of there, I promise."


As I began walked away so I could go back upstairs and look for something to open the door with, I heard him say something.

"I love you."

My heart hurt just from hearing that and I immediately broke down into tears.

"I love you too," I said against the door "I'm gonna get you out of here, ok? I promise we're going to be ok, but I have to go find a key for the door."

"Ok." He said and I quickly walked back upstairs.

I walked to the key drawer and there were so many for no reason. There were locks on the doors in the house but none for ones leading outside and if there were, I know he wouldn't be stupid enough to put them in this drawer.

I grabbed a handful and took them back downstairs. I tried and tested each and every one that I grabbed so I made trips back, bringing more and more keys to test out.

After about thirty minutes, I went through all the keys and none of them fit.

I tried the credit card trick, I tried Bobby pins, and I tried using a paper clip. If I had the internet or a device I could get to it on, I think this would all be a lot more successful.

I let out a sigh in frustration and put my face in my hands.

I looked down at my watch and noticed the time. Hayes will be home in like ten minutes.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I said while gathering up all of the keys and putting them in the shirt.

"Jack, I'll be back tonight, ok? I have to get the key to open this door. I can't break anything or else he'll know I was down here."

"Gabby, he's going to kill me." His voice sounded a lot calmer than it did when I first found him.


"He's going to kill me."

"No he's not. Don't say that, Jack." "Yes, he is. He told me he was going to when he brought me here. I don't see why he wouldn't."


"Gabby.." he cut me off "I appreciate the help so much. I really do. Thank you."

I stayed silent, feeling my eyes well up with tears.

"I love you. I really, really love you. I wanted to marry you and start a family with you because you mean so much to me. Please stay safe." His voice sounded so soft through the thick door.

"Jack, I love you too. This isn't goodbye. I'm not letting anything happen to you." I heard Hayes's car outside.

"Fuck!" I cursed to myself "Jack, I'll be back later. Just stay quiet. I love you." I said while going up the stairs.

I dumped my shirt full of keys into the drawer and closed it then dashed up the stairs.

As I got into the bedroom, I heard Hayes open the door and the security alarm went off and a few seconds later the alarm stopped blaring and I heard him close the door.

I laid down in our bed, pretending to be asleep as I heard his footsteps come up the stairs.

"Hey, babe." I heard the door open as he began to walk over to me.

He leaned down and laid a kiss on my cheek.

It was silent for a second so I opened my eyes to look up at him.

He had a stern look on his face and his eyebrows were furrowed together

"What did I tell you about this shirt?" He asked, referring to Jack's old shirt.

"Calm down, it's just a shirt." I sat up and looked up at him. He still had the same look on his face.

"He doesn't love you, Gabrielle." I exhaled and looked away from him.

"He's done looking for you," he put his finger under my chin, forcing me to look at him.

"He moved on."

"You don't know that. You two aren't friends."

"You really thought he would stay single and leave other girls alone? Don't be so naive, Gabby."

"You don't have any proof."

"Oh, I don't?" A small smirk grew on his face.

He pulled out his phone and searched through his photos.

"Take a look for yourself." He handed me the phone and there was a picture album of a man and a woman. I prayed to God it wasn't Jack and some other girl.

"Go ahead, look through em." He still towered over me.

I clicked on one out of about twelve pictures with trembling hands.

It was like a story. It started off with them talking, her getting in front of him, them getting real close, her kissing his jaw then neck, reaching into his pants, and what initially looked like her jacking him off. He seemed to be enjoying it too.

I got to the last picture in the album and just sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks.

He kneeled down to my level, but I still avoided eye contact.

"See," he gently took the phone out of my hand "I would never, ever cheat on you or move on like that." He caressed my thighs.

"I would never let just any slut touch me. I definitely wouldn't forget about you while you're missing either."

I felt so numb. Like I couldn't cry anymore

"So, I think it would be best if we just got rid of this old thing," he tugged at the bottom of Jack's t-shirt. "You don't need to constantly think about him and.. her."

"I just... I just need to lay down." I said while scooting back up on the bed and laying down.

"I have some business I need to take care of." He said while getting up.

"Wait," I said And he stopped and turned around "Can you please lay with me..? Please."

He let out a sigh and came and laid down in the bed, next to me.

"Hayes, I need you to get him off of my mind." I said lowly.

"Really?" I heard the smirk in his voice "How am I supposed to do that?" He asked as he pulled me in closer to him. "just... I don't know. Stay here with me. I just want you to spend time with me." I looked up at him.

He let out a sigh "Babe, I have to take care of something tonight." "And what's that?" I asked "Nothing." "Well since it's nothing, it's not important."

He let out a sigh and wrapped his arms around me.

"It can wait.. I guess."


Sooooo do I make the next part dirty orrrrr

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