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I was laying in Jack's bed, still jet lagged from the flight because it was 8:00 when I left New York and it's about 8:00 now, here in LA.

I felt a slight buzz in my sweatshirt pocket and took it out, thinking it was a text from Jack or something, but to my surprise, it was Mackenzie's phone. A Twitter notification popped up on her phone and I unlocked it.

I unlocked it and went through her social media, looking at the pictures she had posted, the Stories on her Snapchat, Tweets that she had liked and retweeted. Then I decided to go through our old text messages on more time.

I opened the iMessage app and the first thing I saw was my contact and "Failed to send" under it.

I tapped our messages and a chain of pictures popped up on the screen. They were of a collage of pictures. They all consisted of me, Jack, receipts, maps, and more. It was like something you'd see in a movie, just... I was living in it.


"See, here are the pictures." I pretty much shoved the phone in the police officer's face. He squinted his eyes, trying to see everything in the collage.

"How do I know you didn't make that collage?" He asked

"Because I didn't. Why would I? I've been stalked and harassed for months and I've come to the police already. What more do I have to prove? I even have proof."

"See, it even has the date, time, and place that the photo was taken." I tapped the screen and it showed the information.

"Well, if I can get a look at it myself, we can get an actual case started, but this is telling me nothing. But, of corse I'd need a search warrant and that's some precious time and paperwork. Is it really worth it?" The officer asked.

"This man killed my best friend and you're really asking me if it's 'worth it'?" I asked, amazed at how he was taking all of this in.

"I mean, you told me the reason why she committed suicide, the note, the pictures, maybe it was just a coincidence."

"Ok, but how does that even make sense?" I asked

"I have a history of reports regarding him, and so much stuff adds up. After Cameron told me about him, he died because Hayes committed arson; after Mackenzie tries to expose Hayes, he kills her and calls it suicide—"

"Ok, fine, Jesus. I'll get the damn paperwork and get a warrant." He sounded more than annoyed And obviously just didn't want to hear it anymore.


The officer looked down at me and sighed before knocking on Hayes' front door.

A few seconds later, we heard the door unlock and saw Hayes' face with a slight smile, but it then left right when he saw that there was an actual police officer.

"Hello officer. Gabby. What seems to be the problem?" He opened the door more so we could see that he was in sweatpants and an undershirt.

"I have a warrant to search your house for any pictures of this young lady, private information of her's, or any of her friend's items." "Yeah... Go ahead." He opened the door up for the cop and I and let us in. The officer walked straight up the stairs and I attempted to follow close behind him until I was gently pulled back by my arm.

I turned around and Hayes had a somewhat annoyed look on his face. I just pulled my arm away from him and took a few steps away, waiting for the officer to come back.

"Where'd all of these pictures come from?" The officer broke our painful silence, coming down the stairs, holding a picture album. "It seems to have both of you guys in it."

"Yeah, dated for quite a while," Hayes slightly smiled "It was good while it lasted."

"You two were together?" The officer asked me.

"Yes, but that's besides the point–"

"Well, what it looks like to me is you're trying to get back at your ex for breaking up with you or something. Did he cheat or something?" He asked.

"What? No! I broke up with him."

The officer looked at Hayes with a questioning look "No, it's true. I didn't like the idea, but whatever makes her happy makes me happy," He sighed and gave me a weak smile.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head at his corny and untruthful response.

"Gabrielle, can I talk to you alone? Just for a second." He asked with raised eyebrows and I looked up at the officer who obviously wanted me to talk it out with him

"Sure." I mumbled and the officer went back outside. As soon as the door closed I immediately felt uncomfortable, taking a step back.

"What do you want?" I asked

"What's going on?" He slightly smirked

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what's up with all of these assumptions and allegations? You got the police to come and search my house? What? For old photo albums and all of the stuff you never got back?" He chuckled

"Hayes, I know you killed her and Cameron."

"Woah, woah, woah Cameron? What the fuck are you talking about? That was one of my best friends who's been there forever. I wish he wasn't gone. I'm terribly sorry about what happened with Mackenzie, and I was going to attend the funeral, but I didn't think you wanted to see me there," He said and I rolled my eyes in annoyance because I know this is all bullshit.

"I'm serious. I'm really beginning to move on. It still pains me to know that you're not mine anymore, and that you're probably fucking that prick now. But I just want you to be happy" I rolled my eyes at his words as he continued "I'm spending my time on more important things, and they're certainly not murdering innocent people." I shook my head because i know I'm not crazy. Everyone else thinks I am, but I know for a fact that paranoia hasn't taken over.

"You killed her." I stated bluntly.

"And what's your proof?" He smirked

"You have her stuff such as her necklace and other items in your possession. They weren't even on her body when we found her in the bathtub."

"Ok, but how do you know I hav–"

"Ok, I think my work here is done." The officer barged in the door "Have a nice day, sir." He smiled at Hayes and looked at me then walked down to his cop car. Hayes looked down at me with a smile

"Good luck with whatever you're trying to pull, baby." I rolled my eyes for about the hundredth time today and left.

Honestly, I don't think there's anything more I can do.


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays❤️❤️❤️

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