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"Gabby, you ready to go?" Jack knocked on the door of the hotel bathroom

"Wait a minute. I'll be out soon."

I changed into grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt then walked out of the bathroom

"Jack, I'm ready." I sighed

"Come on, it'll be fun."

"Yeah, cause you love to see me scared shitless."

"That's not the only reason why." He laughed

"What's the other part?"

"I enjoy helping you try new things that you probably wouldn't do."

"You mean forcing?"

"I don't force you into things."

"Then what are you doing now?"

"Taking you to the movies, duh." He said while dragging me out of the door.

"A bitch is tired as fuck." I groaned

"I don't see any female dogs here, so I think we're ok for now."

"I hate you."

"Love you too." He looked back and gave me a cheeky smile. I could never hate him.


We arrived the movie and I looked at the different movies they had playing as Jack still held onto my hand

"You ready to see this?" He looked back at me

"Hey, I could see Finding Dory again. Have you seen it? I don't think you've seen it yet." I went on

"The Conjuring seems more interesting."

"Than Finding– have you lost your mind? I've waited 15 years to find out how Dory, Marlin, and Nemo have been doing and you think their Journey as a dysfunctional little fish family is 'not as interesting'? That's a shame."

"Ok, Gina." He muttered

"Well if I'm Gina, you're Martin."

"They were dating."

"Oh yeah... Then you're Tommy."

"But I have a job."

"Or that's what you want me to think." (Martin references are everything lmao)

We stepped up to get our tickets "Two tickets for Finding Dory, please." I smiled

"Actually two tickets for the Conjuring." He smirked down at me. I let out a small sigh and just went with what he wanted to do.

He bought us popcorn and a large drink, so I offered to pay for the refills, and we found seats all the way up in the back.

All of the previews played and the movie was finally starting

"Hey, Jack?" I whispered


"Did you get candy?" I asked


"I'll go get some." I said while standing up.

He pulled me back down and got up, "Don't worry, you can stay here and watch the movie while I go and get some. What kind do you want?" He asked

"Skittles." I said, obviously annoyed.

Jack's POV

I came back to our seats with a bag of Skittles and my extra change in-hand. Gabby was curled up in her seat, watching the movie. She still looked annoyed, but at least she's not thinking about him.

I handed the bag to her with a smile and she took them out of my hands "Thanks." She whispered.


It was the middle of the movie and I could feel myself falling asleep. Gabby was still in the same position, just biting her nails now.

I pulled her hand from her mouth so she'd stop because I know it's a habit of her's and she looked back at me

"You're even falling asleep, can we please just go back to the hotel?"

"I'm still watching this." My voice was slightly raspy as I sat up a little bit in my seat.

"Oh yeah? What just happened?" She crossed her arms over her chest

"Shh, I'm watching the movie." I said to her while turning back to the movie.

The movie was finally over and I could barley keep my eyes open. I looked over at Gabby who was fast asleep. She had her feet up on the seats and was using her jacket as a pillow.

I stretched out my arms and legs then got up to wake her up.

"Sleeping Beauty," I slightly shook her awake "Hey, Gabby, the movie's over. We gotta go." She opened her eyes and looked back up at me

"It's over?" She asked

"Yeah, and the theater's about to close so we gotta go."

She rubbed her eyes and sat up, gathering her jacket, candy, and phone then stood up to stretch.

"Jack, why'd you make me see this?" She asked

"Because I thought it was a good idea to see a movie."

"Well thank you because that was a really good nap, but I'm still shook as fuck." She said and I chuckled to myself.

We left the cinema and walked a couple of blocks back down towards the hotel. Gabby could barley keep her eyes open, so I took her hand and pulled her down the street.

"Jack, I'm tired, can you carry me?" She groaned

"You can't walk?" I looked back at her and her eyes were closed


I let out a sigh and stopped walking "Get on my back." I groaned.

A few seconds later I felt her jump on my back and wrap her arms and legs around me "Thank you." She muttered, resting her head on my shoulder.


Yeah, writers block is kinda getting me now. I will still try my very best to update though. I'm trying to get new ideas and stuff for other books, too.

I've been watching Law & Order all weekend to get ideas and cause it's Law and Order wtf yes that's my shit.



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