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Jack and I had just arrived back home from Chicago and were gathering our stuff from the car.

"I got the rest, you can just go ahead inside." He said before he handed me the keys and I walked up the driveway to the front door.

I unlocked the door and when I walked inside, was stopped by a horrifying sight.

Everything was trashed. Broken glass was on the floor, chairs were knocked over, there were papers everywhere, and more stuff than I could name.

"Hey, what's..." Jack stopped in his tracks  behind me "What the fuck happened?"

"I... I don't know." I said as I slowly walked in a little more.

We both walked into the foyer and stood there dazed as we looked around.

He bent down and observed the broken glass from shattered picture frames on the floor while I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, hey, wait!" Jack yelled, following me.

"Uhh... Jack." My voice cracked.

There were tons and tons of pictures of Jack and I that were printed with Jack's face scratched out in every single one, scattered across the kitchen.

"What the fuck?" He said under his breath as he walked up behind me.

I walked around the kitchen so I could look at all of them.

There were pictures of us in elementary school, middle school, high school, pictures that were taken not too long ago, pictures from our trip, etc.

A lot the of pictures that were scattered across the kitchen were pictures that were in Jack and I's camera roles, that hadn't even touched social media. I didn't even know most pictures existed or were on mine or Jack's phone.

"Jack, you have to go." I could feel my eyes welling up with tears.

"Go? Gabby, I'm not leaving you here," he shook his head "I don't want you getting hurt."

"Please." I begged as my voice cracked.

"Remember that promise I made you... Back in Chicago?"

"What promise–"

"That I'd never leave you."

"Well, now I want you to break that promise."

"I'm not fucking doing that." He scoffed.

"That promise was made under different circumstances. He didn't know- at least I didn't think he knew that we were together when we got together on the trip."

"I don't care. I'm not leaving you here." He shrugged as he leaned back on the kitchen counter.

"Ok, if you won't leave, I'll leave instead." I said as I began to walk back to the foyer to get my bags.

"No, you're not." He pulled me back into him by my waist.

"Jack, let me go. One of us has to leave and you refuse to, so I have to." I looked back at him.

"That's not happening, Gabby."

"Then use your passport and go to Canada or Mexico or Africa or Europe or Australia or something. I don't care, you just need to leave. Please." I could feel myself starting to get overwhelmed by emotions, as I grew more frustrated. He pulled me into his chest and I began to cry into his shirt.

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