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Hayes' POV

I held my hands tightly around Mackenzie's throat as she thrashed around until her body finally went completely limp.

I got off of her and stood up to my feet, so I was looking down at her.

I kneeled down next to her and checked her pulse but found nothing.

I walked to the kitchen and pulled out some disposable rubber gloves then came back to her body.

I walked to the window in the front of my house and hit the unlock button. A silver Nissan's lights flashed a couple of houses down from my house so I shoved the keys in my pocket and went back over to her body.

I decided to bring her car closer to my house to avoid any nosey neighbors becoming witnesses.

When I reentered the house through the garage, I picked her up bridal style, and took her out to her car which was now parked in my garage. I laid her in the backseat, on top of a couple of blankets and shut the door. I let out a sigh before I got into the drivers seat and started driving to her house.


I arrived at Mackenzie's house and parked in her garage since there was a garage door opener attached to her mirror. I got out of the drivers seat and opened the back door, where she was and picked her up before heading to the door leading into the house.

As soon as I got to that door, I tried to open it just to discover that it was also locked. I let out a sigh in exasperation as I searched my pockets for her keys and unlocked the door.

I took her upstairs to her bathroom and set her down on the floor then turned on the bath water.

I went into her room and looked for her makeup to hide the bruising around her neck. I searched around for her foundation and to my luck, it was the waterproof kind. I grabbed one of those makeup sponges, then took everything I had into the bathroom.

While Gabby and I were dating, I would watch as she did her makeup before we went out on a date or before she had an important event to go to. I guess right now I can use those skills I've picked up to cover up Mackenzie's bruises.

I covered up every bruise and mark on her wrist, neck, and upper chest.

I turned off the water and felt the temperature. It was kind of hot, but not too hot.

I stripped her down so she was naked and put her into the water. I held her down under and watched the air bubbles from her mouth and nose start to come up surface as water filled her lungs.

I had to make it look like she committed suicide, so I wasn't the one convicted of murder.

I held her dead body under for about four minutes then decided that was good enough.

I cleaned up and left a "suicide note" in her handwriting.

I grabbed her phone out of my pocket and there was surprisingly no password. Too easy.

I deleted all of the pictures she took from her recent photos and deleted them from her "recently deleted" album, too.

I left the house and went to the grocery store to buy a few things. I'm feeling in the mood for Spaghetti tonight.


Yess double update, but this chapter is super shitty, man😂

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