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"I think I'm going to make popcorn. You want any?" Johnson asked from the other side of the couch.

Johnson agreed to stay with me, since I still felt uncomfortable from the night before as well as Hayes' comments in the cafe.

"Johnson?" I asked "Hm?" "Why'd you agree to like... Watch over me while Jack is gone?" "Because I want to make sure you're safe." He chuckled "Yeah, but like... What if you die or something?" "What if you die? This isn't about me, it's about you. You're obviously in danger and if anything happened to you so many people would be devastated. And of corse Gilinsky would be worse than anyone else." "Yeah, but like... What if he gets to you first so he can get to me." "Don't worry about that. I'm not trying to fuck or whatever Hayes is worried about, I'm just a friend who's coincidentally a guy, hanging out with you." "But I don't think he'll see it that way." "Don't worry, be happy." He simply stated.

I let out a small laugh "I'll try,"

"But JJ?" I asked "Hm?" "I was thinking about going to see him." "Who? Gilinsky?" "Yeah." "Go for it." "But what about–" "Oh my gosh, Gabby," he laughed "It's fine. Go have fun with him. He really misses you and it's not too long before he comes over here instead." "So you agree that I should go and see him?" "Hell yeah. Don't let what's his name get in between you two. He should be the least of your worries." "Ok, I'll do it then."


Wow, this book was supposed to be way shorter but I keep on adding more ideas and short chapters. Good or bad??

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