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"Gabby," I felt someone gently tap my shoulder and I let out a small groan

"Hey, breakfast is ready." I slowly sat up and the smell of bacon hit me.

I opened my eyes to see a shirtless Jack.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty." He chuckled "Oh shut up." I said playfully

I know I looked stupid. I was probably drooling, snoring, or something else stupid. And lord knows that my hair looked a hot mess.

"How does bacon and.. Slightly burnt toast sound?" He asked while walking back into the kitchen

"Good." Slightly laughed

I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the island.

"You were knocked out. How long did you stay up?" He asked

"I honestly don't know. I was up, watching Disney Channel until like 1:00 in the morning then guess who called?"

"Um.. Your mother?" He asked while grabbing two plates.

"No. Hayes." He turned around and looked at me with a confused look on his face.

"Why?" "He was too drunk to drive, so out of all of the people in his contacts, he called me."


"But he apparently only got drunk because he was still stuck on our break up."

"Oh, did he beg you to get back together with him or something?" He asked.

"No, but I feel like he was trying to guilt trip me into getting back together with him."

"Probably." He said then handed me my plate with lots of bacon and a piece of burnt toast.

"Thanks." I laughed "I know you love extra bacon." He said with a wink.

"Oh God."

"Don't worry. You're my favorite bacon buddy." He said and I playfully rolled my eyes.

In like middle school him and Jack Johnson both called me "Bacon Butt" because I said my favorite food was bacon once and the guys in my grade always had something to say about my ass. They knew that annoyed me, so for about a week they called me that until a teacher heard and told them it was inappropriate, so they had to stop.

I was involuntarily one of their "Bacon Buddies" until about 10th grade, when Hayes and I started dating. It all sounds so corny now, but looking back on it, I have to laugh.

"I still hate you and Johnson for that." I said then took a bite of the crispy bacon.

"This is actually really good." I said then took another bite.

"You wanna know what it's made with?" He asked


"The bacon buddies love, friendship, and devotion to making great bacon." He said with a bright smile.

"... I fucking hate you."

"Love you too." He said with a big smile and a red face.

Yep.. Those feelings are definitely back.


Lmao idek what this chapter is

I pretty much have the next two chapters ready, I just want to at least try to post every night. But, those of you who read my book 'Abduction' over the summer know I'm not good with promises.

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